Paradise Water Feature Maintenance

When a fountain is clean and in good condition, it can add a lot of character to a home or commercial property, but when they are suffering, water features can be an eyesore. Even a bit of neglect can lead to cloudy water, foul smells and even structural issues within your system, and that is not just for outdoor water fountains. Keeping your system running smoothly takes more than a quick wipe with a soft cloth. When you want to keep your system in great working order and looking its best, call a Puddle Pro for your Paradise water feature maintenance. 

Proper water feature care means more than a quick clean every now and then. Maintaining the look and function of an outdoor fountain means digging deep into systems to inspect the inner mechanisms that keep it running, like the fountain pump and motor. It can take years to understand how to properly care for your water systems, but our Puddle Pool technicians have already put the leg work in for you. 

What to Know About Water Fountain Care 

When you are trying to boost the curb appeal of your home or commercial property, taking the time to clean your fountain is the first step. Your water features are always up against the elements. This means that water can become chemically imbalanced with a heavy rain, strong wind or even high temperatures. When there are not enough chemicals in your water, it leads to algae growth and can even contribute to mineral deposits and white scale, depending on the types of water connections at use. 

Unlike a hot tub that you can fill with a simple garden hose, a water feature needs to be hooked up to a water system. In order to keep water flowing, each aspect of these water systems need to be running efficiently. Any clogs or blockages within a system puts strain on features, causing unnecessary wear and tear. If your motors have to fight even harder to circulate water, it can result in chemical imbalances, but it can also reduce the lifespan of your mechanisms, meaning costly repairs and replacements. 

An outdoor water fountain is subject to contamination from organics, but indoor models are up against a set of threats all their own. A wall fountain might not be as at risk of algae formations, but that does not mean that they can’t happen. Everything that enters your system is a potential contaminant. From not-so-lucky pennies, unexpected spills and more, there are plenty of things that can take your fountain from great condition to absolute disaster. 

Expert Water Fountain Cleaning: Great Results, Every Time 

When you want the best results for your water fountain cleaning, look no further than your friendly, neighbourhood Puddle technicians. Every member of the Puddle team has the same goal: to provide expert care and cleaning solutions to properties in our area. Our experts can clean your water, inspect overall conditions, monitor structures and keep your fountain running. 

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect your property, and our technicians. By providing expert water feature cleaning, our team of experts are able to service homes and commercial properties. In addition to standard cleaning and care, Puddle technicians provide seasonal treatments as well, like dropping the water level and even draining when necessary. Call today to find out how our experienced technicians can help to maintain your space. 

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