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Spring tends to come earlier in Nevada, and that means being able to make the most out of the swim season. It is tempting to fire up your water systems at the first sign of warm weather, but without a proper opening, this can mean diving into contaminated water. A professional Paradise pool opening can help to create a sanitary swim space, improve the look of your pool and even help to protect its overall condition following a long period of disuse. 

As a pool owner, you understand just how much work goes into maintaining a water system over the course of the year. It is a huge commitment for those with swimming pools at home and in a commercial space. Even a bit of neglect or a missed water treatment can have serious consequences. Puddle technicians are able to help keep up with your water care, balancing pool chemicals, removing debris and inspecting the mechanisms that keep your system running smoothly. 

How & When to Open Your Pool For Spring 

There is no one right time to kickstart a pool system, but it often depends on temperature. The most common practice is to open up over the course of the May long weekend, but if you are willing to put on a heater, it can be as early as March. More than just pulling back a pool cover and using simple test strips, great results demand a multi-step approach. 

As part of seasonal pool maintenance and closing, the water level is usually dropped a few inches below the skimmer line. When the weather is cold, this is designed to protect the inner-workings of circulation systems, as well as the pump, filter and more. When warm weather begins to roll around, it is important to add water. It is simple enough to grab a garden hose and refill pools, but without this simple addition, your system will struggle to circulate water and will lead to strain. 

In addition to caring for the structural and mechanical components of your pool, a successful opening should include caring for pool water as well. It is not uncommon to pull back a safety cover only to see cloudy water, algae blooms and discolouration. If this is the case, it will take more than a test kit to get your system up and running. Throwing in a couple chlorine pucks might help improve superficial visuals but they are not enough to keep water clean. 

Structurally, there are different steps to caring for an above ground pool, versus an in-ground model. Even if you have tons of experience with above ground pools, this does not necessarily mean that you can manage in-ground models. Having an expert inspect your system is the best way of ensuring that your pool filter and circulation systems are running smoothly. A trained eye can also point out issues with your pool liner and equipment before you are dealing with a disaster. 

Calling a Puddle Pro For Your Pool Opening Service 

Winterizing plugs is another aspect of seasonal pool care that is carried out during fall-winter months, as well as blowing out return lines. When you call an expert for your pool opening, you can trust that any detached components are inspected and replaced, filters are changed and pool water is balanced. Keep your pool clean and make the most out of your swim season by calling an expert. 

Calling a Puddle Pro for your pool care means great results, all year long. Fully insured technicians are able to provide peace of mind, as well as great results. Choose local experts that understand the needs of your unique system. 

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