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Doing the backstroke through crystal clear water is the best way to spend a hot summer day. As great as this sounds, it is always a sad day when you have to close down a water system. Closing your pool for the winter, or just for a prolonged vacation, is time consuming, labour intensive and requires technical skill that not every property owner has. Instead of struggling to prep your system for a long period of sitting idle, or dealing with the consequence of an improper closure, call a Puddle Pro for your Paradise pool closing service. 

The Key to Properly Closing Your Swimming Pool 

As soon as the swim season comes to an end, pool owners should be thinking about booking a proper closure. Over the course of the cold season, your system is at constant risk, both as a whole and as individual pieces. If there is water sitting inside the more sensitive areas of your system, such as pool lines, plumbing lines, or the pool pump itself, it can freeze, causing significant damage. 

In order to get the best results for your closure, it is important to consider hardware, as well as structure and the condition of pool water, as well. Everything from the water level of your pool, to which safety cover is installed plays a role in the health of your swim space. 

Check Your Water Level: Water chemistry is incredibly important to any pool system, but chemical balance is not the only water-related issue to consider. Chlorine levels are key to keeping swimmers safe but a solid shock and application of algaecides can help to set the stage for a long period of disuse. It is not often cold enough in Nevada to freeze whole pools over, but all it takes is one cold snap to freeze small amounts of water inside the system. For an in-ground pool, dropping the water level can help to reduce the risk of plastic components becoming brittle, and avoid damage caused by expansion and contraction as water freezes and thaws. In an above ground pool, it is important to install an air pillow to avoid freezing, but also blow out the lines of circulation systems, removing detachable components and properly storing them. 

Manage Pool Equipment: In addition to caring for water and structures, a thorough pool service will also focus on necessary equipment, as well. Winterizing the drain plug, for example, can help to keep water out of more vulnerable areas. It is important to remove vacuums, detach removable components so they can be dried and stored and make sure there is nothing left behind in your pool water. 

Install Winter Covers: Mesh covers are a great option for spring and summer months. These covers allow sunlight to penetrate covers and help with heating, but in the winter, this only encourages algae growth. Solid covers restrict the amount of sunlight that can make its way inside, reducing the risk of unwanted growth. 

The Perks of Professional Pool Closing 

In addition to great visual results, Puddle Pool Pros are able to improve the efficiency of your swim space. By taking pressure off of circulation and filtration systems and the different components of your pool, property owners will see better functionality and lower operational costs. A proper closure can also help to speed up the pool opening process. By caring for a pool at the end of a season, you are setting the stage for success when swim season comes back around again. 

Fully insured staff cannot only guarantee great results, but can help to protect both your property and our technicians. Call today to book your pool closing service and find out how expert care can benefit your space. 

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