London Water Feature Maintenance

When properly maintained, water features add character and curb appeal to homes and businesses throughout the London area. Indoor fountains are conversation pieces in office buildings, condo complexes and shopping centres, while a garden fountain showcases natural beauty around any property. It is easy to enjoy a water feature but keeping them clean is another story all together. If you are having a hard time keeping up with the needs of your water system or just don’t know where to start, call Puddle for your London water feature maintenance. 

Outdoor fountains are exposed to the same elements that a pool and hot tub are, but often get less attention. The main reason for this is that you can’t swim in a fountain but that doesn’t mean that they are free of contaminants. Bacteria, algae, white mold and debris are risks to not only water condition but the other overall function of your water systems. When you want to keep your fountains running smoothly, call a Puddle Pro for routine cleaning programs, deep cleans and seasonal prep. 

Water Feature Care: What to Know 

Indoor and outdoor water features might use many of the same parts and systems but they need to be cleaned differently. Just because you have experience maintaining an indoor fountain, doesn’t mean that those same practices will translate outdoors. In order to get the best results for your water systems it is important to create a multi-step approach that caters to the age and condition of your fountain, surrounding areas and unique water chemistry. 

Keeping Water Clean: When it is time to clean the fountain on your property, water care is likely the first thing to come to mind. Keeping water clean is not as simple as skimming out a bit of debris and hoping for the best. Outdoor fountains are at risk of algae growth and mold while indoor models are prone to mineral deposits and white scale, particularly in areas with hard water. In order to keep water clean, it is important to apply regular chemical treatments that clear cloudiness from sitting water and reduce the risk of algae growth. Unwanted growth in fountains can cause bad visuals, foul smells and make it more difficult for water to pass through systems, meaning higher energy use and higher utility bills. 

Removing Debris: Unwanted items are always finding their way into fountains and water systems. It does not take long for leaves, seed pods, needles and other organics to clutter up fountains. It is possible to skim out debris at the ground level but larger fountains often feature multiple tiers. Rain, algae and even ice formations on structures make surfaces slippery so reaching upper tiers can be a serious risk to health and safety. Professional water fountain cleaning services bring top safety equipment that enables experienced technicians to reach these heights safely for more effective treatments with none of the risk. 

Deep Cleans: A bit of mild soap isn’t enough to get rid of algae buildup while a heavy handed approach with a pressure washer is enough to cause serious damage to aged or weakened materials. Even if you clean your fountain regularly, there are contaminants happening at the surface level and inside internal water systems, so deep cleans are necessary. Specialized chemical treatments run through water systems, removing debris from internal water lines. Water can then be drained and concrete surfaces acid washed to remove staining and discolouration. This is also the ideal time for cleaning the pump and surrounding areas. Without a water pump, pool water is left sitting stagnant where it will become dirty in no time, so monitoring equipment is always a good idea. 

Puddle Water Fountain Care: Expert Results Across London 

No matter the type of water feature that you are dealing with, there is never a bad time to call an expert for in-depth cleaning and inspections. Whether you want to drain the water properly for a seasonal shut down, or test the fountain pump to make sure systems are running smoothly, our team of highly trained experts are here to help. Highly trained and experienced technicians keep your water systems looking their best and working properly. 

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