London Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are incredibly popular throughout summer but when the leaves begin to change your water systems are likely not getting the attention that they deserve. As the seasons change so do the needs of your pool and it can be tough to keep up. A proper pool opening can help to make the most out of the swim season and an expert closing protects swim spaces from cold weather. London seasonal pool maintenance provides closings to keep water systems in great shape, restores them after the off-season and provides peace of mind to pool owners. 

Whether you are opening up, closing down or looking to maintain your pool throughout the off-season, it is always a good idea to call an expert. Puddle technicians prepare your pool for the cold weather and can restore water conditions following months of disuse. In order to get the best results for your swim space, it is important to break treatments down into multiple steps so water systems are cleaned inside and out. 

Seasonal Pool Care: How to Get the Best Results At Any Time of Year 

Swimming pools seem simple from the outside but they are made up of complex systems. Everyone knows that water is at risk of freezing when the temperature drops. It takes prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures to freeze an entire pool over but for any water sitting inside return lines or internal components, this happens much sooner. Freezing winter temperatures can cause damage to pool systems and untreated water will develop tons of algae and bacteria, making opening in spring even more complicated. 

Fall Pool Care: Many pool owners are keen to close their pools down following the September long weekend but this isn’t always the best decision. Closing your pool too early can mean having to deal with serious discolouration and algae blooms if temperatures snap back, while closing too early can mean missing out on the last good swimming days. One of the biggest fall pool maintenance tips that our Puddle technicians offer is to wait to close until the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees. 

Closing your pool for the fall season is a complicated process. Sub-zero temperatures make plastic components brittle and frozen water will expand in pipes, leading to the possibility of bursting. In order to avoid this it is a good idea to drop the water level in your pool so it falls a few inches below the jets and skimmer line. Winterizing chemicals should be applied to avoid freezing and limit the risk of algae growth. Detachable components should be removed, dried and stored for the winter and mesh pool covers should be switched out for solid ones. 

Spring Pool Care: It is no secret that you will need to clean your pool after months of sitting idle during the off-season. Unlike an average pool cleaning, opening up for the season means having to deep clean your swim space from the inside, out. This process involves restoring water levels, debris removal and heavy scrubbing, along with serious chemical treatments. 

A standard pool vacuum is not designed to navigate hard angles like corners or the area around stairs, so restoring pools after months of disuse requires speciality tools. It is important to properly reinstall any components or pool equipment that was removed on closing, as well as checking on the condition of your pool filter. Without a functioning filtration system even freshly cleaned pool water will be contaminated again in no time. When the weather starts to get warm, pool owners want to make the most out of the season so call Puddle for a safe and efficient opening. 

Off-Season Pool Programs: Closing pools for the winter is not your only option! If you want to leave your water systems open, ask a Puddle technician about off-season treatment programs. This involves putting pool pump and water systems on a timer to avoid freezing and applying winterizing chemicals to prevent algae growth. An off-season program involves a technician visiting on a bi-weekly basis to monitor pool chemical levels, ensure there is no debris building up and that lines and components are in good, working order. 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the London area, so we understand exactly what you are dealing with. As soon as those leaves start to change colour, just call a highly trained and experienced Puddle technician to take care of your swim space. 

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