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A leak in your swimming pool is enough to wreck the swim season before it has even begun! Unlike a leaky tap indoors, a leak in a swimming pool can lead to severe water loss and widespread damage across surrounding areas. Swimming pool leaks often start off small, getting worse over time. The longer that water loss persists, the worse your issues become so don’t hesitate to call Puddle for your London pool leak detection for efficient and affordable services. 

Leak Detection in Pools: How to Spot a Problem 

Part of what makes pool leak detection so complicated is that there are many places that water loss can occur. It isn’t always easy to identify water loss but it is even harder to figure out where this loss is coming from. If you suspect that you are dealing with a water leak the first step is identification, and there are a few easy ways that this can be done. 

Identification: In an above ground pool plumbing is visible so it is easy to assess these areas for leaks. When dealing with an inground pool it becomes tricker to spot problem areas. The most common signs of a leak are unexpected drops in water level, as well as higher than average water bills and in extreme cases, pooling water in surrounding areas. One way to identify water loss is through a bucket test. This process involves placing a bucket of pool water next to the pool so they are exposed to the same conditions. It is important to mark the water level in each. After a couple of days, the evaporation rate should be the same in the bucket as it is in the pool. If the pool water level is noticeably lower, it means you are dealing with a leak. 

Once you have determined that you are dealing with a leak, it is time to find out what type of leak you are dealing with: 

Plumbing Leaks: When dealing with in-ground swimming pools, a large amount of plumbing is buried underground, making it difficult to assess. Repairing damaged plumbing means having to dig up yards and surrounding areas to reach the affected areas, so you want to be sure before you start the repair process. Pressure tests use a stream of consistent, pressurized air flow to help track down any leaks or openings. If air streams come into contact with any cracks or openings they will create air bubbles that can be tracked visually. In the case of an underground leak, an air stream will create gurgling sounds when it comes in contact with saturated soil. Sounds can be tracked using specialty listening tools. 

Structural Leaks: Leaks on a vinyl liner or in a concrete foundation can be tough to track down. If you suspect a leak in one of these areas, a dye test will quickly become your new best friend. When dealing with a vinyl liner, pool leaks are common. Even a small piece of sharp debris can cause a small tear, which means a small leak but even a small leak can lead to severe water loss. A dye test involves turning off the pool pump and letting water settle until it is still. From there, coloured dyes are strategically placed. Any leaks will attract the dye, creating a trail right to your problem area. 

Puddle Pool Leak Detection Services: The Best Results in London 

If you suspect your pool is losing water, don’t hesitate to call a Puddle technician to track and isolate your problem areas. Just because you are a pool owner doesn’t mean that you are expected to have the same level of technical skill as a cleaning and maintenance technician. If your pool is losing water, finding a leak is nearly impossible without the right tools and skillset, so don’t waste time with a DIY approach. Our experts inspect plumbing, structures and surrounding areas. It is important to check the ground to see if you can diagnose water loss from here, so our experts begin every swimming pool leak detection service with a visual assessment. 

With options for booking online and by phone Puddle customers can access information and resources 24 hours a day. 

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