Scarborough Water Feature Maintenance

Just like any outdoor water system, water fountains need a lot of attention but they often don’t get it. It is easy to put water feature care on the back burner but over time, this will result in horrible visuals, bad smells, mineral deposits, algae buildup and can even cause damage to water systems. When they are in great shape, water features can add a lot to any property but a bit of neglect can turn these into a liability. Professional Scarborough water feature maintenance can help to keep your water systems clean and running.

Fountains come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed both indoors and out. Depending on where your water systems are, they will face different contaminants. When dealing with larger fountains, it is difficult to monitor every aspect of these structures, particularly when they have multiple tiers. Instead of struggling to keep up with water care, structural cleaning and monitoring internal components, call a Puddle Pro to keep features clean, inside and out.

Water Fountain Care At Any Time of Year

Throughout Scarborough, a change of seasons can come on without warning, as can bad weather. Water fountains are built tough but they are not invincible. Strong winds are enough to unload tons of debris from surrounding plant life, littering water surfaces with leaves, sticks, seed pods, pollen and more. Heavy rains can also cause chemicals to become imbalanced. In order to keep your fountain in great shape, it is important to understand how it works at different levels.

How to Clean the Water: When you want to clean your fountain, there are different approaches to cleaning an indoor wall model versus a garden fountain. In an area with hard water, mineral deposits and white scale are common both inside and outdoors. If organic debris is left to sit, it will start to rot and break down into smaller, hard to remove pieces. From here, it will spread into the internal components of your water system, clogging filters and becoming lodged in vulnerable areas.

How to Clean Structures: If sanitizer levels run low, it is possible for algae growth to form against surfaces. This not only looks awful but can lead to weakened surfaces. Trying to scrape growth and staining away can lead to stripping off coatings or unnecessary breakage. Specialized chemicals and tools are able to remove buildup from sensitive areas without causing damage.

How to Treat Water Systems: There isn’t much point in adding fresh water to a fountain if there is buildup inside lines, blockages in filters or debris floating around fountain pumps or motors. If necessary systems are blocked up, they will restrict water flow, forcing pumps and motors to work harder, adding strain and reducing the lifespan of these necessary components. By making regular cleaning a part of your care routine, it is possible to keep these areas clear.

How to Prepare For Seasonal Changes: As important as routine water fountain cleaning might be, it is vital to prepare for cold weather. It is no secret that frozen water expands, but it might not be common knowledge that it expands up to 9%. Cold temperatures can make plastic brittle and expansion can cause pipes to burst, causing serious damage. Dropping the water level can prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas. Detachable components can be removed, dried and stored over the course of the cold season to avoid becoming brittle.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Water Feature Cleaning & Care

It is easy enough to skim debris off of water surfaces but getting great results requires more than just that. Taking an amateur approach to remove the pump, change the filter or scraping off unwanted growth can result in unexpected damage and the costly repairs that go along with it. It is also a good idea to replace the water inside your system to ensure that it does not become overrun with contaminants. An improper approach to draining can result in leaks, flooding, rot and expensive water damage.

After years in the industry, our Puddle technicians can have your system running clean and clear like distilled water. Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced to handle everything from draining to water balancing and deep cleans.

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