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The main concern of any business is the health and safety of customers. A swimming pool is a great asset for any gym, wellness centre or hotel but only when they are maintained properly. In a high traffic space, regular pool care is incredibly important but it is tough to keep on top of. If you are struggling to maintain great conditions for your swim space, call a Puddle technician to keep things running smoothly. Professional Scarborough commercial pool services maintain water condition, creating safe spaces for swimmers, as well as reducing running costs and avoiding the need for premature repairs and replacements.

Whether you are a small business or a large company, keeping customers happy is always at the top of the priority list. For pool owners or managers in high traffic spaces, water must be tested regularly, debris removed, liners and structures inspected, as well as monitoring the function of filters and circulation systems.

Pool Care For Businesses: A Multi-Step Process

Caring for a commercial swim space is not as simple as just wiping down walls and throwing in a few chlorine pucks. An amateur approach to pool maintenance can result in bad visuals, higher utility bills, foul smells, a bad reputation and the potential for recreational water illness in swimmers. In a gym or hotel, pool care can mean dealing with dozens, if not hundreds of swimmers on a daily basis. This means plenty of room for contaminants. Missing even one water treatment can result in serious issues across the board with your water system.

If a business structure revolves around a swimming pool, keeping it clean should be of the utmost importance and that is why our team of highly trained and experienced Puddle technicians have created a multiple step approach to clean pools properly from top to bottom and inside, out.

The Puddle technique involves testing and balancing pool water on a regular basis. Testing kits can alert owners to issues with chlorine levels but they do not always offer insight into pH levels or total alkalinity. Expert water testing can help to identify issues and correct them before it has a negative effect on swimmers. Technicians also remove debris from the skimmer basket, water surface and the bottom of the pool. Residue is scrubbed from sides, pumps and motors are cleaned and visual inspections are performed of all components.

Without routine pool service, business owners can quickly become overrun with the needs of their water systems, so let an expert pool cleaning company handle the heavy lifting for you.

Commercial Pool Care: Great Results For Retail, Hotel Pool Care, Construction & Real Estate

Anyone can start a pool cleaning company, but starting a successful one is a different story. The local pool technicians at Puddle are able to improve the look, condition and function of pools and hot tubs in high traffic areas, all across the Scarborough area. Each member of the team is outfitted with general liability insurance, as well as specialized coverage to protect properties and our technicians.

In a high traffic space like a hotel or motel, pool care can’t be limited to once a week. In order to keep up with the demand of our clients Puddle technicians offer customized treatment plans designed to fit the unique needs of your space. Whether dealing with sole proprietorships, small businesses or if you are part of a larger corporation, there is never a bad time to call an expert for your pool cleaning services. Ditch the test strips and keep your guests happy with a bit of help from the experts. Puddle technicians provide all of the necessary training, equipment and supplies to not only improve visuals but to create clean and inviting swim spaces. 

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