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All across Ontario, swimming pools can help to make the most out of the summer season. As soon as those April showers stop pouring, property owners are keen to have pools up and running and that means opening up water systems. There are plenty of ways that seasonal pool care can go wrong and that is why it is always a good idea to call an expert instead. Professional Scarborough pool opening services provide quick and efficient treatments, so you can make the most out of the warm weather.

When you want to open your pool for the spring season, it is important to treat systems from the inside, out. In addition to ensuring that water is clean, structures, liners and internal mechanisms need to be inspected and treated. Over the course of the winter your water systems are left out in the cold — literally! Assessing damage to your system before opening can help to prevent unnecessary strain on your system and get it started on the right foot.

Spring Pool Care: Opening Your Pool For The Season

During cold weather, pool maintenance is an in-depth process, with multiple steps. When closing down a pool for the winter, the water level is dropped below the skimmer opening, detachable pool equipment is removed, drain plugs are winterized and a winter pool cover is installed to protect pools through the cold. When opening up again in spring, it is important to undue these processes, while balancing water and ditching debris.

Pool Water: When you remove the cover from your water system, it is not uncommon for the pool water to be cloudy, discoloured or even smell bad. After months of disuse, the chemical balance of your pool water is going to be way off. A test kit can point out issues with chlorine levels but when there is algae at play, algaecides are a must. Balanced water chemistry is based on a wide range of factors, such as sanitizer levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and more.

Dealing With Debris: Even with a pool cover installed, debris finds a way of getting inside pool systems. The most common forms of debris found in a pool are leaves, seed pods, needles, pollen, dirt, dust and even insects or small rodents. There isn’t much point in balancing chemicals if there are contaminants in skimmer baskets or on the bottom of the pool. It is easy enough to vacuum the pool bottom but standard vacuums are not designed to reach around stairs or into tough angles. Professional tools are designed to clean these tough to reach areas, removing residue, collecting debris and removing contaminants.

Internal Systems: Moving water is clean water. It is true out in the wild and it is true of your pool system. If circulation systems are not running, chemicals and sanitizers cannot reach every area of your water. This means that even newly treated water can become contaminated in no time. When firing up your system for spring, it is important to reinstall and treat any items that were detached. Visual inspections of the pool pump, pool filter, motors and vinyl liners are important to ensure that any small, existing issues won’t turn into a disaster.

The May long weekend is generally thought of as being a good time of year to open your pool but it is possible to open your system as soon as the average outdoor temperature hits 21 degrees or higher.

Puddle Pool Services: Making the Most Out of the Swimming Season

Having water tested by a seasoned pro is just the first step to expert seasonal maintenance. When you want get results for your pool opening, our local technicians will create a customized treatment plan according to the unique needs of your pool and surrounding area. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect properties and technicians. Speciality tools and techniques, combined with years of experience, extensive training and expert customer service all add up to a great result for homes and commercial spaces across the Scarborough area.

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