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There is no better combination than a swimming pool and warm weather. Having a clean and accessible swim space on your property means being able to enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise in and host a great pool party at the drop of a hat. As easy as it might be to enjoy a swim space, keeping it clean is a chore. Managing pool chemicals, cleaning filters, monitoring internal components and more can all eat into your leisure time, so leave the heavy lifting to the pros! Professional Scarborough pool cleaning keeps water clean and systems in great shape, while you enjoy the sunshine.

Pool Care: Routine Cleans, Seasonal Needs and Deep Cleans

When you want great results for any swim space, it is important to consider each component and how it contributes to the overall condition of your pool. Basic test strips can help to point out issues with chlorine levels but this is only one aspect of water chemistry. When you want a top to bottom clean, it is important to take a multi-step approach that caters to your water system inside and out.

Water Condition: Pool water is prone to contamination. Basic testing kits are a dime a dozen but many of these don’t provide the necessary readings to properly balance water. Having water tested by an expert can help to identify everything from sanitizer levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and more. While it is possible to add chemicals or shock your pool to eliminate cloudy water, creating a sanitary swim space requires in-depth cleaning treatments, performed on a regular basis.

Managing Debris: In an outdoor pool, debris is a common site. Depending on the plant life surrounding your water system, you might be dealing with leaves, twigs, seed pods, pine needles, pinecones, insects and more. Floating debris will have a negative impact on filtration and circulation systems while sunken items will eventually lead to stains on liners.

Filtration Systems: Pools cannot function without a working circulation system. These areas are overlooked but if they begin to fail, there are serious consequences. Dealing with debris is a common part of pool maintenance. If floating debris is left to sit, it will begin to rot and break apart. Bits and pieces will collect in the skimmer basket, creating clogs and stopping the flow of water through the pool filter. When water flow is reduced, it puts added strain on internal components like the pool pump and motors.

Structures & Liners: It is easy to get caught up on water condition when cleaning a pool, but there is more to consider than just that. Proper pool care should involve visual inspections of liners and fountains, as well. As structures begin to degrade or foundations shift, there are small signs at first which then become more and more apparent. It is easy to overlook a small tear that has formed in a vinyl liner but the longer that you wait, the larger it becomes and the chance of repair shrinks. A trained eye can point out problem areas before they become disasters.

Puddle Pool Cleaning Services: Great Results Throughout Scarborough

Puddle technicians are local to your area, so they understand what your water system is up against. Unlike an automatic pool cleaner that can’t reach into hard angles or remove residue, specialized services have all of the key insights and tools to get great results for pools of any shape or size. Keeping up with the needs of a high traffic swim space can feel overwhelming, but not for our Puddle Pros.

By offering routine services for homes and commercial spaces, Puddle pros are creating safe and sanitary swimming spaces all across the Scarborough area. Our services are customized to the unique needs of your property and structures, according to condition and age. Technicians offer weekly or bi-weekly services, as well as single service calls and seasonal treatments to keep pools in great shape, no matter the time of year. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect properties, as well as providing great results.

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