Scarborough Pool Inspections

When pools, spas and hot tubs are in good shape, they are huge assets to any type of property. If you are noticing that your water system is struggling or are looking to buy or sell a property, invest in a professional Scarborough pool inspection. Puddle pool inspectors provide Level 1 pool inspections that focus on functionality and condition. This means peace of mind to buyers, sellers and homeowners, as well as a guideline for what repairs, if any, are necessary. 

Level 1 Pool Inspection Services: What is Included? 

There are plenty of different types of pool inspections on the market. Some of these revolve around construction permits, insurance coverage and even home valuations. Each of these have their own specific goals but they don’t cover whether or not a pool is functional. Even if a swim space looks great from the outside, that doesn’t mean that internal water systems are functional or the heater is working. Level 1 pool inspections focus on whether or not a swimming pool is operational and what condition equipment/components are in. 

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can spot small existing issues and potential problems before they become disasters. Identifying physical damage can also mean identifying pool leaks. Puddle technicians will point out obvious damage like slab cracks, as well as smaller issues like small tears in a vinyl liner that will become larger over time. 

System Testing: When pool components start to break down owners are left dealing with costly repairs. As a potential buyer you want to make sure that you aren’t going to finalize a sale only to be stuck with an unexpected bill. Puddle technicians will test components like the pool pump and heater, as well as pool equipment like return lines and filtrations systems. 

Assessments of Surrounding Areas: In addition to checking up on pools and water systems, Puddle technicians will survey the surrounding areas and accessories. If there are unexplained puddles near a swim space or saturated water around the pool area, it might be a sign of an underground leak. At the same time light testing and assessments of railings, pool decks, ladders, diving boards, slides and other accessories can help to identify safety issues. 

Puddle Swimming Pool Inspections: Specialized Assessments in Scarborough 

Whenever a property changes hands it is common practice to schedule a home inspection. The average home inspector offers valuable insight into the condition of key structural elements around a house, like roofing, foundations and even electrical. It is important to note that this doesn’t include swimming pools! 

Before you commit to a pool, spa or hot tub, consider everything that goes into maintaining a water system. Having a local Puddle Pro inspect your pool means gaining insight into the condition. This avoids being hit with unexpected bills and can even make it possible to negotiate repair costs into the sales price of a property. 

Please note that Puddle Pool Services provides Level 1 Pool Inspections that are designed to provide insight and peace of mind but do not come with written reports. 

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