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There are tons of advantages to having a swimming pool at home. You have all the freedom to take a dip whenever you want and host events as you see fit but this also comes along with a lot of hard work. Having to maintain pool maintenance around a family home or rental property means being responsible for the condition of a swimming pool, as well as the health and safety of anyone who sets foot inside. Hiring a professional for your Scarborough residential pool services can keep swimmers safe and systems running smoothly.

It seems simple enough to shock your pool water when it begins to look cloudy or discoloured but this isn’t enough to create a clean swim space. In order to be effective, pool cleaning needs to be carried out on a routine basis and should focus on both the aspects you can see as well as the ones you can’t.

Pool Care At Home: What to Know

It is no secret that swim spaces get the most attention during pool season. Taking a dip on a hot day is refreshing and is a great way to get exercise without the threat of overheating. This is also an ideal time to host a get-together but doing so with a dirty pool can lead to serious issues. Monitoring water chemistry is an important part of care and maintenance but so is removing debris and ensuring that circulation systems are running smoothly.

If the circulation or filtration system in your pool is not running at full capacity, it can prevent pool chemicals from circulating. This means chemicals can sit stagnant in one area, allowing bacteria to thrive in untouched corners, wrecking water chemistry. Clogged filters and strained mechanisms will cause a rise in utility bills and lead to the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

Routine Cleaning: Anyone can flip the switch on a pool vacuum, scrub walls with a pool brush or run a skimmer across water surfaces but there is more to a sanitary swim space than meets the eye. Maintaining water balance demands more than picking up a simple testing kit. Having water tested by an expert gives insight into more than chlorine levels, but focuses on a wide range of potential issues like pH levels, total alkalinity and more. It is also important to remove debris from the skimmer basket, pool bottom and vulnerable areas. Scrubbing residue from sides protects liners and improves visual appeal. Visual inspections of the pool pump, vinyl liners and filtration system can help to identify potential issues before they become disasters.

Seasonal Treatments: Residential pool care does not stop at cleanings! As the temperature begins to drop, it is possible that water will freeze. It would take prolonged exposure to cold temperatures to freeze an entire pool basin but small amounts of water within the lines and internal components will freeze much quicker. This will make plastic brittle and will lead to expansion and the threat of burst pipes. Dropping the water level and removing detachable components will prevent this from happening. Applying a round of specialized chemicals when closing and opening a pool system

Puddle Pool Services: Guaranteed Great Results For Your Residential Pool Cleaning

When you want to keep your pool cleaner, over a longer period, expert care is the best way to do it. Each member of the team is local to the Scarborough area, so we understand the advantages and obstacles that your water system is facing on a daily basis. In addition to excellent results, Puddle technicians offer top customer service and peace of mind with fully insured practices. With options for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning programs, along with the option for service calls and system refreshes, our team of experienced pool pros keep your swim space in great shape all year long.

Instead of being caught up on pool water alone, our experts have created an approach that caters to everything from the pool filter, pumps, motors and more. For in-depth care at any time of year, trust a Puddle Pro for the best possible results.

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