Carlisle Water Feature Maintenance

Outdoor water fountains can add a ton of character to a home or commercial property, but these also come along with a lot of additional time and effort to maintain. When dealing with a fountain, keeping water clean is only one aspect of routine care. Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your fountain during a change of seasons or daily wear and tear, call a Pro to handle it for you. Professional Carlisle water feature maintenance keeps water crystal clear, systems running smoothly and energy costs low.

When you want to clean your fountain, it is easy to get caught up focusing on water alone, but there is so much more to it than that. Well-rounded results come from care and inspection of fountain pumps, motors, structures, filters and more. Expert water feature care prolongs the lifespan of each component by creating better conditions, overall.

Water Fountain Care: Great Visuals, Better Functionality

A garden fountain is left outside all day, every day. This means that it is left up to the elements. Changing seasons put a lot of pressure on water systems but so does everyday wear and tear. Everything from leaves, twigs, seed pods and other organic debris will float along water surfaces, sink to the bottom of fountains or clog up lines or filters. If you begin to notice water becoming cloudy, discoloured or see mineral deposits beginning to form, it is time to call a professional.

Routine Cleaning: You wouldn’t let a pool go weeks or months without cleaning, so why should your fountain be any different? It is easy to overlook water condition or algae buildup in an outdoor water system but this can lead to big trouble for your water systems. Keeping your fountain running means inspecting everything from structures, water pumps, motors and more.

Deep Cleans: Even with regular care and cleaning, there will be a point when you will need to drain the water from your water feature. A soft cloth might be able to remove top layers of algae or superficial stains but it is not enough to remove the root cause of the problem. If a fountain is empty, it makes it possible to acid wash structures, removing stains and discolourations. Larger fountains often have multiple tiers, often at different heights. Reaching this higher areas is difficult at the best of times, never mind when they are slippery.

Seasonal Treatments: Winter in Carlisle comes along with freezing temperatures. In the same way that you might treat a pool for cold weather, you should prep the water systems in your fountain, as well. Dropping the water level so it cannot seep into vulnerable areas, freezing, expanding and making plastic brittle.

Puddle Pool Services: Fountain Maintenance Made Easy

No matter the type of water fountain you are dealing with, it is always better to consult an expert, not only for the best results but to avoid unnecessary damage, as well. Whether you want to replace the water in your system, balance your water or spruce up for spring, there is nothing that our team of Puddle technicians can’t handle.

By providing routine cleanings, as well as seasonal treatments and system refreshes, Puddle Pros can help to prolong the lifespan of your materials and boost curb appeal, all while providing expert customer service. Every member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so we understand how the climate impacts your water system. In addition to being highly trained and experienced, our technicians are also fully insured to protect properties and our crews, for peace of mind.

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