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Homes in the Carlisle area have a lot of character and nothing adds character like a swimming pool. As great as it is to have a swimming pool right in your own backyard, these do not come without a lot of hard work. With a DIY approach, it is easy to forget about pool care, or let cleaning take over all of your free time. When you want to make the most out of the summer months, call a Puddle technician for expert Carlisle pool cleaning services.

Whether you are in a single family home or a high traffic commercial environment, keeping swimming pools and hot tubs clean are key to the health and safety of everyone inside. Taking an amateur approach to pool care cannot only result in contaminated water but in damage to water systems as a whole. A simple testing kit can tell you when to shock your pool but this isn’t enough to maintain water chemistry, structures or internal components — but our Puddle Pros can!

Pool Maintenance: The Importance of Routine Cleanings

When you want the best results for your swim space, adding pool chemicals is not enough to keep systems running smoothly. Swimming pools are made up of many parts, each of which play a role in overall condition. In order to keep swimming pools in great shape, it is important to treat systems inside and out, but this is easier said than done. Just missing one step in the pool care process can have a ripple effect throughout your swim space.

Treating Pool Water: Nothing beats diving into a pool on a hot day, but no one wants to step foot in cloudy water. If water is discoloured, cloudy or has foul smells, it is a sure sign that your water is contaminated. Using simple test strips to identify problem areas might give a superficial view of chemical imbalances but they do not always identify how to correct them. In addition to chlorine levels, it is important to consider pH levels, alkalinity and more. Keeping your pool cleaner is not only a matter of visual appeal but can help to avoid the risk of recreational water illnesses like skin irritations, eye/ear infections and more.

Handling Debris: Depending on the surrounding area of pools, it does not take much for systems to become overrun with organic debris. A strong wind can dislodge everything from leaves and seed pods, pine needles, pollen, dirt and dust, letting it land in pool water. Lighter items float along water surfaces, clogging up skimmer baskets. If not removed quickly, these items will rot and break apart, filling up pool filters. Heavier items sink down and can rest against vinyl liners, causing staining. Flipping the switch on a pool vacuum can help to remove some of these sunken items but they cannot reach into corners, leaving items behind.

Visual Inspections: It is easy to overlook small issues in pool systems, particularly if you don’t know what you are supposed to be looking for. Having a trained eye look over your system can pinpoint problem areas. A small tear in vinyl can quickly become larger, leading to water reaching into sensitive areas, causing damage. It is also possible to spot leaks and the early days of breakage, making it possible to perform small repairs instead of heavy-duty replacements.

Pool Openings & Closings: Seasonal pool service is key to keeping water systems in great shape all year long. Instead of just rolling on a pool cover and letting water sit for a season, protecting your pool against damage means water testing, dropping water levels, removing detachable components and inspecting areas like pool pumps and other necessary components.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For Homes & Businesses

After years in the industry, Puddle Pool technicians are able to clean, inspect and treat swimming pools of all types, across homes and commercial properties throughout the Carlisle area. Instead of struggling with an amateur approach and settling for subpar results, it is always better to call an expert for the best results. With options for routine maintenance, as well as seasonal treatments and system refreshes, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect against the unexpected. Pool owners get peace of mind, as well as great results and affordable prices. In order to keep our customers in the loop, Puddle technicians offer e-reporting as well, which showcases the current condition of your pool, chemical balances and any necessary information, keeping pool owners up to date and informed.

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