Carlisle Pool Leak Detection

Having a backyard swim space can help to make the most out of the summer months but a leak can bring your summer fun to an abrupt halt. Having to refill water levels is inconvenient but more than that, leaks can cause serious damage to both pools and surrounding areas. Professional Carlisle pool leak detection services identify leaks, locate them and isolate problem areas for efficient and thorough repair services.

If you suspect that you are dealing with a leak, there are a few key indicators that you can point to, namely dropping water levels, high water bills and in some cases, puddles forming in surrounding areas. If your swimming pool is showing signs of water leaks don’t hesitate to call a Puddle Pro for the best in Canadian leak detection.

Leak Detection in Pools: What to Watch Out For

Swimming pool leaks are incredibly complicated to deal with because there are plenty of areas that are prone to leaking. Leaks can occur in structures themselves, inside internal water systems and even around pool equipment. It takes tons of technical training to be able to identify where a leak is coming from and that is why it is better to consult an expert.

When left alone, a leak might start small but will grow over time. Above ground pools will result in surface flooding and drowned lawns while inground pools will create underground leaks. In either case an influx of pool water will cause soil to shift, putting weight onto unintended areas that can lead to breakage. A leaking water system will not only cause an increase in water bills but will put wear and tear on components that will lead to premature repairs and the need for costly replacements.

If you think you might be dealing with a leak but aren’t quite sure, you can always try out the bucket test. The bucket test involves taking a bucket of pool water and setting it out next to the poolside. In this scenario, both the bucket and the pool basin are exposed to the same conditions. After a couple of days, the water level in the pool is lower than the bucket, you are likely dealing with a leak in your pool.

Puddle Pool Leak Detection: How Our Experts Get Results

If you are experiencing water loss, call an expert to assess your swim space and track down the location of the leak but the first step is determining what type of leak you are dealing with. A large tear in a pool liner or cracked concrete might be easy to spot but leaks are often not that obvious. More often than not, a vinyl liner can be repaired with a simple patch if it is caught in time and the longer you wait, the more difficult repairing leaks becomes, so call a Puddle technician today.

A pressure test can be used to track down plumbing leaks while a dye test is the preferred option for structural leaks. Pressure testing uses a consistent stream of airflow to create air bubbles or produces gurgling sounds coming from water-logged soil. These noises can be followed using speciality listening equipment. A dye test involves switching off pool pumps and using strategically placed dyes to find leaks.

Each member of the Puddle team is high trained and experienced in identifying and tracking down the cause of water loss around homes and commercial properties. When you want to pinpoint the location of the leak in your pool and tap into a large network of repair specialists, just call Puddle for peace of mind and efficient services.

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