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When warm weather rolls around, it means the swimming season is right around the corner. Enjoying your swim space means more than having to pull back a pool cover and dive on in. Prepping a pool for spring means undoing closing procedures, cleaning water systems from the inside, out and balancing water chemistry. Without expert techniques and knowledge this process can take weeks, cutting into enjoyment and leisure time. When you want to make the most out of the spring and summer, call a Puddle Pro for your Carlisle pool opening service.

When the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees, this is the opportune time to open your pool. Swimming pools might seem simple from the outside but they are complicated systems. Everything from the style of pool cover, surrounding areas and chemical applications play a role in the overall condition of your water system. Don’t bother struggling through trial and error when you can call an expert instead!

Spring Pool Care: The Best Way to Open Your Water System

When you remove the cover from your pool after a long period of sitting idle, you are likely going to be met with unpleasant surprises like cloudy or discoloured water, bad smells, sunken and floating debris, and more. A quick shock or application of pool chemicals can help to improve visuals but this is not enough to restore condition after a winter break.

Water Level & Condition: During closings, water levels are reduced to prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas, where it can freeze and cause damage. In an in-ground pool, water levels are dropped below the jets/skimmer line while above ground pools have water bags installed to prevent freezing, along with pool antifreeze where applicable. It is easy enough to refill a pool with a garden hose but this does not mean that water is instantly sanitary.

Pool Equipment: A winter cover is solid and prevents sunlight from reaching pool water. This is great during the off-season because it reduces the risk of algae formation. When spring comes around, it is a good idea to replace these solid covers with mesh ones. Mesh covers allow sunlight in, helping to heat water. Winterizing plugs is also a standard procedure when closing down a pool, so they will need to be opened back up in spring.

Dealing with Debris: Even with safety covers installed, debris has a way of sneaking inside pool systems. This means clutter along water surfaces, as well as full skimmer baskets and sunken debris on the bottom of the pool. Opening a pool system is the ideal time to check up your pool filter.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: Getting Ready For Summer

Whether you are working with a pool, hot tub or water feature, setting the stage for a successful spring/summer season requires a multi-step approach. Anyone can vacuum the pool bottom, but not everyone can provide the same level of clean that Puddle technicians can! For indoor and outdoor pools, services should be booked ahead of time so you are ready to dive on in, as soon as the weather gets warm.

For the best results, as well as excellent customer service and peace of mind, look no further than your local Puddle Pros. Each member of the team is local to your area, so we understand exactly what your water system is up against. Skip the trial and error and start the new season off on the right foot.

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