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When the leaves begin to change and temperatures begin to drop, it is common for property owners to spend more and more time indoors. It is easy to forget about pools when you are bundled up inside but a proper pool closure is the key to an easy opening in spring, as well as avoiding unnecessary damage. Closing a system for cold weather means more than throwing on a winter cover and hoping for the best. When you want to protect your pool, avoid unnecessary damage and prolong the lifespan of equipment and components, call Puddle for your Carlisle pool closing services.

One of the key components of fall pool care is skimming leaves and debris from water surfaces, but it does not stop there. With a busy schedule, it is easy to let in-depth pool care take a backseat but missing out on a single service can be the beginning of a ripple effect throughout your water system. Instead of just hoping for the best, call an expert to make sure that you are getting it!

The Best Way to Close Your Pool

Prepping your pool for the winter is about more than water treatments. Cold temperatures take a real toll on the structures and components of pools and water systems. A proper swimming pool closing should consider everything from the liner, pipes, plumbing, motors, drain plugs and more. It is easy to do a quick search online for tips for fall pool maintenance but these can often steer pool owners in the wrong direction.

In an in-ground pool, it is important to drop the water level in your system. Reducing water levels prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas and causing damage. If water freezes, it will cause plastics to become brittle and expansion can cause damage to pipes and return lines. Taking the additional step to blow out the lines can help to prevent bursting pipes.

If organic debris is left floating on water surfaces or in pool filters, it will rot and break apart. Removing debris and checking skimmer baskets and filters prevents clogs and blockages from forming in sensitive areas. If clogs do form, it will cause components to work harder, using more energy and raising utility bills. Checking salt cells, or replacing a cartridge filter or sand filter helps to keep systems running smoothly, no matter the time of year. Even when a pool is covered, debris has a way of sneaking inside, so full removals are important before shutting down for the season.

In-depth visual inspections can help to point out problem areas, but only if you know what to watch out for! A test kit can help to point out issues with water balance and chemistry but it will not be able to tell you that there is a tear in your pool liner. An expert will arrive on scene to inspect internal components, as well as liners and surrounding areas, pointing out issues before they turn into disasters. Keeping an eye on pool condition in fall is not only a great way to protect your water systems from freezing temperatures and the damage it causes, but paves the way for an easier pool opening in spring.

Calling an experienced Puddle Pro for your opening and closing needs means getting the best possible results, and making the most out of the swim season.

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