Kingston Water Feature Maintenance

Water features can come in all shapes, sizes and styles but no matter the type of fountain you are dealing with they always need to be kept clean. Outdoor water fountains are exposed to the elements in the same way that a pool or hot tub is, but how often do you think about cleaning these? Keeping a swim space sanitary is a top priority for property owners but fountains are often overlooked. When you want to keep your fountain running smoothly and looking its best call a local Puddle Pro for your Kingston water feature maintenance. 

Water fountain care is not a one-and-done process but involves a cleaning routine that involves balancing water, removing debris, cleaning structures and monitoring the components and equipment that keep water flowing. 

Water Feature Care: Cleaning Fountains Inside and Out 

An outdoor fountain and an indoor model will have many of the same parts but there are very different risks involved with each. An indoor fountain is still prone to dust and dirt landing in water, along with white scale and a bit of grime but that is nothing compared to what a garden fountain goes through. 

Outdoor fountain maintenance will change based on the time of year, surrounding plant life and even the weather. Something as simple as heavy rains or a weekend heat wave can send your fountain into a spiral. It is important to clean a fountain regularly but this is easier said than done. Larger models will often feature multiple tiers that are hard to reach and are often at risk of collecting debris. Over time, organics break down and encourage algae growth. 

Cleaning a fountain regularly is important but it is easier said than done. Reaching the higher areas of a fountain means getting up on a ladder or balancing on uneven structures or slippery surfaces. This can quickly lead to slips, falls and serious injury. 

Even with a regular cleaning program it is important to make deep cleans a part of your annual maintenance program. It is easy focus on keeping water clean but structures are susceptible to algae growth and internal water systems are subject to wear and tear.  A deep clean involves draining out water, acid washing concrete surfaces and heavy scrubbing for vinyl liners. Once cleaned, the water level can be refilled and balanced. Stagnant water is contaminated water so making sure that water pumps are functional and lines are in good shape. 

Puddle Pool Services: Water Fountain Cleaning At Its Finest 

After years of industry experience there is no type of water fountain that our Puddle crews can’t handle! From large models on golf courses, indoor fountains in hotels, apartment buildings or malls, fountain care is key to maintaining your curb appeal and even adding value to your property. 

Experienced Puddle crews understand that no two water features are exactly alike and will face off against different issues — and that means needing a catered treatment plan! Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach our Puddle crews offer options for a routine program, service calls, single deep cleans and more. In addition to great results Puddle customers can expect peace of mind with fully insured staff and services. 

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