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Swimming pools are a major selling feature for any property. Who doesn’t love the idea of hosting a party or kicking back poolside on a sunny day? As great as it is to have an accessible swimming pool right outside your front door, this doesn’t come without a lot of time, attention, cleaning and maintenance. Unlike a public or commercial swim space, pool care at home means you are left to handle cleanings all on your own — unless you call Puddle, that is! Kingston residential pool services keep water crystal clear, systems running smoothly and help you make the most out of the swim season.

Keeping on top of regular pool maintenance doesn’t just help to improve your curb appeal, it is a question of health and safety as well. A professional cleaning program not only keeps swimmers safe but helps to keep your water systems in good, working order. Without regular pool care internal water systems, components and equipment experience wear and tear that will lead to premature repairs and replacements.

Residential Pool Care: The Best Way to Get Great Results

Between busy schedules, changing seasons and high traffic swim days it can feel impossible to keep up with the needs of your pool. With so many things on the go, pool owners often find themselves dealing with green water and a ton of debris, or get stuck spending all of their leisure time skimming, scrubbing and water balancing. The good news is that these are not your only options! Puddle technicians break cleaning practices down into multiple steps for a top to bottom clean.

Chemical Balance: Maintaining clean pool water is about more than keeping track of chlorine levels alone. The chemical balance in swimming pools can be impacted by a wide range of factors including heavy rains, high heats and even the amount of people stepping in and out of your swim space. A simple testing kit might be able to point out problems with sanitizers but they don’t always tell you how to fix them. In addition to keeping swimmers safe chemically balanced swim spaces reduce the risk of algae growth. Having your water tested by an expert means reads and balances for pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. Shocking the pool can help to clear away cloudiness but when you want the best results ditch the test kit and call an expert instead.

Debris Removal: An outdoor pool is always at the mercy of the elements and this means having to deal with tons of debris. A strong wind can dislodge leaves, seed pods, pollen, pinecones and other items from surrounding plant life. Lighter items float along water surfaces while heavier items sink to the bottom of the pool. Floating items will clog up skimmer baskets or rot and break apart, becoming harder to remove and filling up pool filters. Sunken items resting against pool liners will cause permanent staining. A standard pool vacuum can pick up items from the middle of the pool but when it comes to navigating corners, steps and hard angles they just don’t cut it! This means debris is pushed into corners and hard to reach areas where it will build up, causing staining. Trust a Pro to arrive with all of the necessary tools to get unwanted items out of even the toughest spot.

Keeping Filters Clean: It is easy to forget about filters and pool equipment that are hard at work behind the scenes. The goal of all pool filters is to trap and hold unwanted items while allowing filtered water to pass through and back into the pool. Over time filters will become blocked and water will have to work harder to get through. This uses more energy and drives up your utility bills. It also adds wear and tear to equipment and will shorten the lifespan of important parts like pool pumps. When you want to keep your pool cleaner, it is important to clean the filter regularly. When dealing with a cartridge filter they should be removed, cleaned and replaced every 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and refilled with new sand every 3-5 years.

Seasonal Care: Your pool likely gets a lot of attention at the height of summer but when the temperature starts to dip they can get left behind. Tossing in a few pool chemicals isn’t enough to protect your swim space throughout the off-season and test strips aren’t enough to restore condition in the spring. A pool opening and/or closing is a complicated process that involves a multi-step approach. An improper closing can lead to damaged parts and even burst pipes or flooding while an amateur opening can means risk to health and safety for anyone who steps inside. Don’t take a risk on a DIY disaster when you can call a specialist to drop your water levels, eliminate algae and prolong the lifespan of your pool equipment and water systems.

Puddle Pool Services: Excellent Results Brought Right to Your Front Door

Keeping a pool clean and running can be overwhelming and that is why our Puddle Pros are here to help! From water care, pool surfaces and clean filters, maintaining a sanitary swim space means routine cleaning and care, as well as a trained eye to spot existing and potential issues. After years in the industry our team of highly trained Puddle technicians are able to create customized plans according to the needs of your swimming pool.

In addition to great results, Puddle crews provide peace of mind with fully insured staff and services, as well as transparent pricing. You will never be surprised with a higher than expected bill and you will always know exactly what your expenses are because our prices include chemical usage! Puddle offers options for routine cleaning programs, seasonal treatments, service calls, inspections and even pool leak detection so don’t hesitate to call your local experts for all of your pool and hot tub needs.

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