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Ontario experiences cold weather for nearly half of the year, meaning you only get a few months of pool weather so you should be making the most out of it! It is human nature to want to cannonball into your backyard swim space at the first sign of spring sunshine but diving into dirty water has serious consequences. Before you pull back that pool cover to an unpleasant surprise, call Puddle! Expert Kingston pool opening services restore water condition, ditch debris and keep your water systems running better than ever. 

When you want to open your pool for the swim season it will take more than a bit of shock to get it safe and sanitary for use. Anyone can stock up on test strips, pool equipment and chemicals but putting them to use can be complicated and time consuming — so leave it to an expert! An amateur approach to spring pool care can mean prolonging the process and missing out on sunshine and hot weather. 

Spring Pool Maintenance: Where to Get Started 

There is a big difference between needing to clean your pool and opening it up for the season. Instead of dealing with a standard level of contaminants and debris, you are dealing with months worth! In addition to managing regular cleaning practices you will have to worry about undoing all of the steps that were done during a closing. 

A proper closing will protect your pool over the course of the winter but each of these steps will need to be undone before firing your water systems up for the spring/summer season. This means restoring water levels so they reach the skimmer line and ensuring the drain plugs are open for water to pass through. If any internal components have been removed for storage they will need to be reinstalled before the process begins. 

Once the initial setup stage is complete it is time to begin chemical treatments and debris removal. This means shocking the pool to start to clear away some cloudiness and eliminate algae growth. Once this has settled in you will have a better idea of how much debris is lurking under the surface. It is important to remove any debris that is sitting at the bottom of the pool but also inspect other areas that are prone to clogs, blockages and build-up. This means skimmer baskets and particularly around filters. 

Swimming pools are meant to be durable but they aren’t invincible. A pool opening is the ideal time to have an expert inspect the components and water systems that keep your pool water moving. This means the pool pump and filter, as well as the return lines and even vinyl liners, each of which contribute to the overall condition of your swim space. 

The final step to any pool opening is to balance pool water — and this means more than just chlorine levels. In order to keep your swimmers safe and pools looking great, it is important to monitor sanitizers like chlorine or bromine, as well as pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Way to Open Your Pool For Summer 

A pool opening can’t be done in 24 hours so it is always better to think ahead. The ideal time to open your pool for the season is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees. If you see this number in your upcoming forecast, it is a good idea to call ahead and book your opening. If you want the best results for your spring pool care all it takes is one phone call to a local Puddle crew does it all. Our local technicians understand how the climate impacts your pool and have created plans to deal with everything from high heats, heavy rains and unpredictable temperatures. 

Taking an amateur approach to opening can prolong the process and still end up with subpar results. Instead of missing out on spring weather, make the most out of it with efficient, reliable and affordable pool care from a highly trained local technician. 

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