Kingston Seasonal Pool Maintenance

The needs of your swimming pool will change from one season to another and that means that your cleaning and maintenance plan should change along with it. Making the most out of your swim space in spring relies on a proper closing in fall. In order to keep your pool in good condition all year long trust Puddle for efficient and affordable Kingston seasonal pool maintenance. Don’t let the elements damage your pool or miss out on the first days of the swimming seasons because of contaminated water, when you can call a local technician instead. 

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do & When 

A test kit might be able to point out issues with water chemistry at the height of summer but when you want to restore water condition after months of sitting idle, it’ll take more than that! A shock treatment might help to clear away a bit of cloudiness but it isn’t enough to make pool water sanitary. Whether your goal is protecting your pool from an Ontario winter or have an easier opening in spring, our technicians are here to help. 

Spring Pool Care: After a cold winter, pool owners want to dive into their swim spaces at the first sign of warm weather but this is easier said than done. After months of being stagnant, water is likely cloudy, green, full of debris and algae. The first step to a pool opening is to restore the water level and remove debris with a manual vacuum, specialized pool brushes and to empty the skimmer basket to get rid of sitting debris. Throwing in a bit of shock and skimming out some unwanted items might provide a superficial improvement but this isn’t enough to restore water condition. Puddle provides a multi-step chemical treatment that will restore chlorine levels along with balancing pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. An opening is also the ideal time to inspect your pool filter. The best time to open your pool for the spring season is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees. 

Fall Pool Care: When the fall season comes around it is easy to forget about your swimming pool but this is when it needs more attention than ever. Pool cleaning is a top priority at the height of summer but when temperatures drop it becomes an afterthought. Sub-zero temperatures make plastic brittle and cause water to freeze inside pipes and water systems. When water freezes it expands up to 9% which isn’t a high number but it is enough to cause pipes to burst. A burst pipe is never good but it is particularly problematic during the winter. By dropping the water level, applying a treatment of winter pool chemicals, winterizing drain plugs and removing detachable pool equipment to be dried and stored, you can protect your pool from the cold. Pool closings are best performed when the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Results At Any Time of Year 

Ontario might be Canada’s winter wonderland but cold weather is a pain for pool owners. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Kingston area so we have plenty of experience in managing swim spaces in any season. Efficient openings in spring help you make the most out of the swim season while in-depth closings prevent unnecessary damage to your swim space. By offering options for routine pool care, service calls, deep cleans and seasonal care, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle crew for your pool or hot tub care. 

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