Kingston Pool Leak Detection

When it comes to swimming pools even a pinhole leak can squash your summer plans. If your swim space has sprung a leak you will begin to notice water loss, higher than usual water bills and imbalanced water chemistry. As a pool owner you understand how a small issue can become huge before you know it. This makes quick action key and our Puddle Pros are ready to swing into action. Kingston pool leak detection services can identify leaks and isolate the affected areas so they can be repaired in a timely manner. 

Part of what makes leak detection in pools such a complex process is figuring out if you are dealing with a leak in the first place. It is easy to panic when you see water levels beginning to drop but this might just be caused by natural evaporation. If you are curious as to why your pool water level is dropping, trust a Puddle Pro to identify leaks and isolate problem areas. 

Leak Detection In Pools: What to Watch Out For 

When dealing with an above ground pool it is often easier to spot areas of water loss because all components are above ground where they are visible. Managing an inground pool means having to deal with structures and plumbing that runs underground. 

At the height of summer high heats and heavy traffic can lead to an average of 3-5 inches of water loss on a weekly basis. If you are noticing more than this, it might be time for the bucket test. The bucket test involves taking a bucket of pool water and setting it next to the basin so they are exposed to the same conditions. If, after a few days, the water level in your pool has dropped significantly more than the water level in the bucket, it is time to call in professional leak detection services for your pool. 

Pressure Test: When you want to identify a plumbing leak, pressure testing is the way to go. This test involves applying a steady stream of air to return lines. If this air flow comes into contact with a crack or opening it will create a stream of bubbles. This trail can be tracked visually until the location of the leak is found out. In the case of an underground leak you might be dealing with saturated soil. If this is the case air streams will create gurgling sounds that will either be heard readily or tracked using speciality listening equipment. 

Dye Test: If you suspect that you are dealing with a structural leak, a dye test can help to identify the problem area. This testing involves turning off the pool pump and waiting for water to settle. Once still, coloured dyes are strategically placed around pool basins. If there is a crack in the vinyl liner it will attract the coloured dye, creating a trail. 

Trained professionals provide pool leak detection for homes and commercial properties throughout Kingston. By offering a range of services including routine pool maintenance, seasonal treatments, inspections, deep cleans and services calls, Puddle technicians keep swim spaces in great shape all year long. 

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