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If you are considering buying a new hot tub, are taking over an existing one or prefer to have someone else handle the cleaning, just call Puddle. Having an accessible place to take a soak is not only a great way to enjoy your home or workspace, it also adds value and curb appeal to any space. As great as it is to have a hot tub taking care of them can be a pain — until you call Puddle, that is! Expert Kingston hot tub maintenance can keep your water systems in great shape with efficient, reliable and affordable treatments for homes and commercial properties. 

Unlike a bathtub you can’t just pull the plug on a hot tub whenever the water starts to look a bit dirty. Anyone can test the water in a tub but finding balance can be tricky. Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands of your spa, have an expert handle it for you. By regularly cleaning spas, water is kept crystal clear, free of debris and internal systems are running smoothly. 

Hot Tub Cleaning: What Makes Regular Cleaning So Important 

You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater but if you are stepping foot into a dirty spa that is essentially the same situation. If not maintained, hot tub water will go green, smell awful and is a threat to anyone who steps foot inside — not to mention it looks awful! Proper cleaning isn’t just for the benefit of the hot tub alone, it also keeps swimmers safe. 

Health & Safety: Just because your spa is full of warm water doesn’t mean that it is clean. When trying to balance water chemistry it is easy to grab a basic test kit for insight into sanitizer levels but these don’t tell you how to balance or fix any issues that show up. Tossing in a handful of hot tub chemicals can provide a bit of superficial improvement but proper balancing means monitoring sanitizer as well as other chemical levels like total alkalinity, calcium and pH levels. 

Hot Tub Condition: A hot tub is an expensive addition to any property, both initially when it is purchased and down the road as the need for repairs and maintenance goes up. If there is debris inside your spa it looks terrible but it can also cause damage to the internal systems that keep your tub running, It is important to keep your filter cleaner it is important to inspect cartridge filters regularly and clean them as needed. If floating skimmers are full they won’t be able to take on new debris and if spa filters are clogged they are impassable and water has to fight harder to get through. This puts strain on internal components and that means more wear and tear and eventually the need for premature repairs and replacements. 

Deep Cleans & Refreshes: A Hot Tub Refresh is just that, a fresh start for your water system. Even with a regular cleaning program it is a good idea to do a deep clean twice per year. This process involves draining your hot tub, heavy scrubbing of the empty shell, refilling the spa water and balancing chemistry. Refilling a hot tub is as simple as grabbing a garden hose but draining it is a totally different story. Improper draining can flood nearby structures, drown lawns and cause materials in the surrounding areas to soften and rot. This is also the ideal time to clean the filter and ask your local Puddle Pro about an optional Total Shampoo that involves cleaning the exterior shells, hot tub covers and exterior surfaces. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Hot Tub Care in the Kingston Area 

When you want the best results for your hot tub, ditch the simple test strips and call a local expert instead. Puddle crews have years of experience under their belts so we have seen it all! With a team of local vendors and resources behind us, there is no question that we can’t answer. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Kingston area so we understand what your water systems are up against. 

Instead of struggling through trial and error, just call a local Pro for all of your hot tub cleaning needs. In order to keep up with the needs of our communities, Puddle technicians offer regular cleaning programs for homes and businesses, as well as deep cleans, seasonal services, inspections and more. Whether you are looking to have your hot tub cleaned on a bi-weekly basis or more frequently in a high traffic space, Puddle has got you covered! 

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