Markham Water Feature Maintenance

A garden fountain can be the highlight of your landscaping or it can be an eyesore and the only difference is a keeping up with a cleaning routine! An outdoor fountain is at the mercy of the elements all year long in the same way that pools and hot tubs are, but they definitely don’t get treated the same way. If you want to keep fountains running smoothly indoors or outside, just call Puddle for your Markham water feature maintenance. 

If you start to notice cloudy water, algae growth or mineral deposits, it will take more than a bit of mild soap and a scrub brush to get results. Taking the wrong approach to water fountain cleaning can lead to serious damage and the need for expensive repairs. By cleaning your fountain regularly you don’t only improve visual appeal, you can improve output, reduce running costs and prolong the lifespan of your water systems. 

Expert Water Fountain Care: Great Results For Any Type of Water Feature 

Indoors or outside there are many types of water fountains on the market, each of which will have their own advantages and setbacks when it comes to cleaning. When dealing with a large outdoor fountain removing debris might mean having to wade into the middle of a wider structures in order to get a full clean. If your feature is taller it may have multiple tiers, some of which are tough to reach. Trying to remove debris from higher tiers means using a ladder or having to stand on slippery surfaces and stretching upward. When this is the case all it takes is one step to result in slips, falls and serious injury. 

If your fountain is full of debris, filters will become clogged up and water systems will become impassable. When lines are not open for water flow, it will take more energy to push fountain water through and this means higher daily running costs, as well as strain on important components. The harder that your fountain pump has to work, the more wear and tear it will experience and the faster it will burn out and need to be replaced. 

Keeping your fountain cleaner means caring for the areas of a water feature that you can see and the systems that are hard at work behind the scenes. Having to remove the pump and replace it with a new one is a complicated and expensive process so it is always best to get the full lifespan out of your equipment but this is easier said than done. Sometimes just tracking down pool pumps and water systems is half the battle! When dealing with an indoor fountain, plumbing is likely behind a nearby panel but outdoor fountain pumps, systems and equipment are often kept in sheds, storage boxes or even buried nearby. 

Even with regular cleaning and water treatments it is important to make deep cleans a part of your maintenance routine. This involves cleaning out internal water lines as well as structures themselves. The best way to get great results for a deep clean or system refresh is to apply a combination of specialized chemicals that loosen and pull buildup out of lines and then to drain the water out. Once empty, concrete structures can be acid washed to remove discolourations or, in the case of liners, can be heavily scrubbed to remove stains. Once cleaned the water level can be restored and chemically balanced, leaving your fountain looking its best and running better than ever. 

Puddle Water Feature Care: Great Results For Homes & Businesses in Markham 

Without a certain level of technical skill keeping a fountain clean can feel impossible but our Puddle Pros are here to help! With years of experience under our belts, on-going training and a ton of resources at our disposal, there is nothing that a Puddle crew can’t handle. By offering options for routine care, as well as service calls and seasonal treatments, there is never a bad time to call in an expert. 

In addition to great results Puddle offers peace of mind with fully insured staff and services, as well as affordable rates, transparent pricing and excellent customer service. With options for booking your services online or by-phone there is never a bad time to schedule an appointment with a Puddle Pro. 

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