Markham Pool Leak Detection

There is never a good time to spring a leak but a leak in a swimming pool is a worst-case scenario. The average pool holds hundreds of gallons of water at any given time so even a pinhole leak can mean severe water loss and a whole lot of damage to swim spaces themselves as well as surrounding areas. If your pool is experiencing water loss, don’t hesitate to call Puddle for timely and reliable Markham pool leak detection services. 

Part of what makes leak detection in pools so difficult is that there is so much ground to cover! When dealing with an above ground pool, structures, plumbing and components are visible at all times. An inground pool, however, is primary underground and out of sight. If you suspect there is a leak in your pool quick action can mean the difference between a booking a small repair or dealing with a ton of damage.

Identifying Swimming Pool Leaks: What to Watch Out For 

Pool care is tricky at the best of times but a leak makes this much worse. Water loss makes it impossible to balance water chemistry and can put undue strain on the internal systems and components that keep water flowing. There is a big difference in managing the water loss caused by a leak and the evaporation that happens naturally due to high heats and high traffic. During the summer high temperatures and high usage can cause water levels to drop between 3- 5 inches per week, on average. 

If you are losing significant amounts of water but can’t tell if it is caused by a leak it might be time for a bucket test. This involves filling a bucket with water and placing it near pool basins so they are exposed to the same conditions. After a few days, if the pool water level is significantly lower than the water in the bucket, water loss is not caused naturally and you are dealing with a leak! Other signs of leaks might be high water bills, or in extreme cases, saturated soil in the surrounding areas. 

Pressure Testing: A pressure test is best used to identify plumbing leaks. This process includes applying a steady stream of air flow to lines. If this air comes into contact with cracks or openings it will create air bubbles that can be followed. In the case of an underground leak, you might be dealing with saturated soil. When air comes into contact with wet soil it will create gurgling sounds that are traced by ear or using speciality listing equipment. 

Dye Testing: Dye tests involve turning off pool pumps and waiting for water to settle. Once still, coloured dyes are strategically placed inside pool water. Because dye weighs more than water it will be pulled into the vacuum created by either structural leaks or leaks in pool liners. If you are dealing with a small tear in a vinyl liner it is possible to fix the leak with a simple patch but over time these will become larger and will lead to the need for a full replacement, which is expensive. 

While a Puddle Pro can help to identify and isolate problem areas, we don’t repair leaks but that doesn’t mean that detection and repair don’t go hand-in-hand. With a roster of reliable industry experts at our disposal, we provide referrals to locals who provide affordable and reliable repair services. 

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