Markham Seasonal Pool Maintenance

There are only two seasons in Markham: the winter months and the swimming season. After months of sitting inside and staying warm, pool owners are quick to fire up their pool systems for the season as soon as the weather turns warm but this is easier said than done. Preparing your pool for a seasonal change involves more than a quick shock treatment or throwing on a pool cover. If you want to protect your pool from the cold or make the most out of the swim season, just call Puddle for your Markham seasonal pool maintenance. 

At the height of summer swimming pools are often a top priority but this will change quickly once the weather begins to change. As the days become colder and the nights leave frost overnight your pool is at risk of damage. After sitting stagnant throughout the winter months your pool water will be cloudy, green and contaminated come spring. As much as you might want to dive in, it takes careful chemical applications, heavy scrubbing and a whole lot of hard work to restore condition. Instead of struggling with a DIY cleaning, call Puddle for affordable and efficient seasonal pool care. 

Seasonal Pool Care: Getting the Best Results at Any Time of Year 

The overall condition of your swimming pool depends on regular maintenance and that involves seasonal care. Every treatment works together to make one big picture and that means whatever you do in fall will have a direct impact on what needs to be done in spring. You don’t want to pull back a pool cover in spring only to find broken components and the need for expensive repairs that will eat into your summer fun. 

Fall Pool Care: When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees it is time to close your pool down for the season. More than just throwing on a winter cover prepping your pool for cold weather involves a multi-step process of chemical treatments, draining water and treating pool equipment. Sub-zero temperatures make plastic brittle and will cause water to freeze and expand. Frozen water expands up to 9% and that is enough to cause pipes to burst. Part of closing is dropping the water level so it falls below the skimmer line and winterizing plugs to prevent water from getting into internal systems. 

Spring Pool Care: Whether an expert has opened your pool in the past or you have tried to handle it on your own, you know just how much work goes into the process. After months of disuse your pool water is likely cloudy, discoloured, full of algae growth as well as bacteria and debris. An opening all starts with an initial shock treatment but that is only the first step to balanced water chemistry. Removing debris is not as simple as flipping the switch on a robotic pool cleaner and waiting for results. Debris will need to be removed using a manual vacuum that can navigate hard angles, steps and tough spaces. Soft brushes should be used to remove residue and pool filters should be inspected and cleaned. Maintaining a sanitary swim space means balancing the chlorine level, as well as pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium — and basic test strips just can’t cut it. 

Puddle Pool Services: Efficient Pool Care in Markham 

Taking an amateur approach to seasonal pool care can mean dealing with unnecessary damage or missing out on the first days of the swim season. Don’t miss out on sunshine and diving boards because you are stuck skimming, scrubbing and water balancing. More than focusing on water condition alone, experienced technicians inspect liners and circulation systems to ensure that everything is running as it should be. 

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