Tsawwassen Water Feature Maintenance

Tsawwassen is a little piece of seaside heaven, and with tons of tourists passing through every year, it is important to keep up with the needs of your property, and that means water fountains! Structures in the area are prone to a bit of salt staining, but there is more to your fountain care than just that! Calling an expert for your Tsawwassen water feature maintenance means getting great results from the ground-up.

In order to get the best results for every model of garden fountain, wall fountain or stand alone water feature, our team of Puddle experts put our years of experience to work creating customized plans. Puddle Pros offer options for regular cleaning, as well as deep cleans and seasonal care, our team of Puddle Pros can handle fountains of all shapes and sizes, around homes and commercial properties.

The Secret to Water Feature Care: Understanding Your System

When you want to keep a water feature clean, you have to know what you are working with and what it is up against. An outdoor fountain isn’t running smoothly if it is clogged up with organic debris or there is noticeable algae growth forming nearby. Algae buildup, white scale, and mineral deposits all prevent water from flowing properly through internal mechanisms, putting strain on systems. When cared for properly, the internal components of your fountain can last for years, but when put under significant strain, they will need repairs or even replacements, which can be very expensive.

Regular Cleaning: In the same way that you would clean a pool or hot tub, water fountains need to be regularly maintained in order to avoid algae, cloudy water, foul smells, residue or staining. In larger fountains, it is very likely that you are dealing with multiple tiers that all need to be addressed, which can be very difficult. Water should be tested, treated and balanced, surfaces should be scrubbed and structures should be visually inspected to make sure that there are no issues that will become worse over time.

Internal Components: It is important to think of water features like a body. Surfaces are easy to see and often get the most attention, but your circulation system is what keeps you moving. In the case of a fountain or water feature, filtration systems are a key element of keeping them clean. Dumping in chemicals might get a superficial result, but water will quickly become cloudy or develop algae without chemicals being properly circulated. It is important to ensure that there are no blockages within the filtration system, but also that each component is in good working order, including outdoor fountain pumps, motors and filters.

Seasonal Treatments: When dealing with an outdoor space, it is important to keep track of debris, as well as structural conditions. Quick fluctuations in temperature can cause the ground to shift and can lead to cracking or warping. Seasonal practices also involve dropping the water level to ensure there is no freezing happening inside systems.

Calling A Puddle Pro for Your Water Fountain Care

Unlike faucets indoors, you can’t just turn a tap and have water flowing from fountains. Water fountain cleaning means creating a treatment plan that works from the ground, up. After years of industry experience, our team of Puddle Pool experts can do just that! By acting according to the age, condition and surrounding area, your fountain can have clean running water, no matter the time of year. Fully insured treatments provide peace of mind, as well as great results. Cost competitive prices make it possible to clean and service water features around homes, hotels, malls, and any other commercial space. Puddle Pros provide excellent services, as well as care tips to keep your system running smoothly.

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