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Whether you live on the seaside or in central Tsawwassen, having a pool is a great addition to any property. As easy as it is to enjoy a swim space during the summer months, closing them down can be a complicated process. Waiting too long to shut down your water system or missing a single step in the process can lead to serious issues with your pool. Professional Tsawwassen pool closing services protect pools over the winter, prolong the lifespan of materials and make openings easier in spring.

In a province known for its mild winters, fall pool care can be closing down systems entirely or can be opting for a reduced treatment program. Swimming pools are built tough to withstand the elements but an unexpected cold snap or drop in temperature can cause serious issues. Don’t let the winter months take a toll on your swimming pool when you can call a Puddle technicians instead!

The Best Way to Close Your Pool: Creating a Seasonal Schedule That Works

When fall weather begins to settle in, you might be more preoccupied with watching the leaves change than balancing the water chemistry in your pool. As time goes on and we get closer to winter, the chance of frozen water having a negative impact on your pool components skyrockets, so it is important to create a treatment schedule that works. When you want to protect your pool through the winter, choose between a full closure and an off-season treatment program.

Closing Down Water Systems: When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to close down your swimming pool. Waiting any longer than this can result in cold snaps and freezing overnight. Even if it is not cold enough to fully freeze pools over, small amounts of water inside return lines or pool pumps can. Frozen water expands inside plumbing lines and can cause pipes to burst and can make plastic components brittle and prone to breakage. Dropping water levels and sealing drain plugs is a great way to keep water from seeping into vulnerable areas, particularly when combined with sealing off drain plugs. Applying winterizing chemicals helps to limit algae growth.

Off-Season Pool Programs: Because winters are mild throughout Tsawwassen, you do not necessarily have to close pools down for the cold season. While you should still cover your pool with solid winter covers to keep the risk of algae growth at bay, you can keep systems clean and running throughout the fall and winter. This program involves an experienced Puddle technician arriving to your property, vacuuming, skimming, scrubbing, emptying skimmer baskets, inspecting your sand filter or cartridge filter and more. The biggest advantage to maintaining a reduced cleaning schedule is that opening back up in spring is as simple as turning on your heater and diving on in.

Prepping Your Pool For the Season: Great Results From Puddle Pros

During the busy season, a simple test kit can help to point out minor issues here and there but these basic tools are not enough to keep up with seasonal pool care needs. It is tough to admit that summer is coming to an end, but it is even worse having to close out water systems for the season — so let our Puddle techs handle it instead.
The needs of an above ground pool will be different from an inground pool model. No matter the size, style, model or type of pool that you are dealing with, our experts can help! Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area and is fully insured, to bring experience and peace of mind to your home or commercial space.

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