Tsawwassen Pool Leak Detection

Nothing can ruin the summer season faster than swimming pool leaks. When dealing with water loss, refilling water levels is a pain but the aftermath of a long-term leak is a whole lot of damage. A leaky faucet at home is an inconvenience but a swimming pool is holding thousands of gallons of water at any given time so even a pinhole leak means major trouble for property owners. Avoid disaster by calling a Puddle Pro at the first sign of water loss. Tsawwassen pool leak detection done by an expert identifies what type of leak you area dealing with and isolates the problem area for repair. 

Swimming pool leak detection is a complicated process because you have to dig deep into surfaces and internal systems to find out where you are losing water. It can be tough to figure out if you are dealing with a leak in the first place but that is only the tip of the iceberg. When you want to avoid water damage, protect your pool and avoid water damage, call a local expert for efficient and thorough leak detection services.

Leak Detection in Pools: What to Watch Out For 

If you are experiencing a leak in your home, you wouldn’t hesitate to call a plumber but swimming pools often don’t get the same amount of attention. It is common knowledge that leaking pipes indoors will lead to staining and mold but outdoors it can mean extensive water damage, flooding, rot and even structural damage. If you suspect that you are dealing with water leaks, there are few things that you should be on the lookout for: 

Dropping Water Levels: If you find that the water levels in your pool are looking a little low, it might be a sign of a leak — or something completely different! It is common to see some natural water loss following high heats or a high traffic. If you have a pool party, everyone that gets out of your swim space is carrying pool water out with them. 3-5 inches of water loss over the course of a week is not a reason to panic but if you find yourself losing more than that or having to constantly refill water levels, it is important to consider that you might be dealing with a leak. 

Higher Water Bills: A plumbing leak will have water consistently leaking out of pipes and this will lead to a higher water bill. As a property owner, you have an idea of what your average bill looks like so if you notice a significant increase in these, your pool might be the culprit. 

Puddles Around the Pool Area: In cases of extreme water loss you might begin to notice that there is water pooling on lawns or in areas surrounding your pools. In the case of an above ground pool water will seep directly onto the ground around it and inground pools will create underground leaks that can saturate soils. 

Professional Leak Detection In Tsawwassen Pools 

If you suspect that you are losing pool water, don’t hesitate to call a local pool specialist. Each member of the team is local to the Tsawwassen area so we understand what your water systems are up against, as well as the most common pain points for water loss. 

In order to track leaks, Puddle experts provide both pressure testing and dye tests to determine whether you are dealing with structural leaks or plumbing leaks. Once we’ve figured out the origin of water loss, technicians can isolate problem areas and help to organize leak repairs. With a wide network of industry professionals on our speed dial, Puddle can help to guide pool owners through repairs and maintenance practices to not only fix your current problems but prevent future ones as well. 

Puddle technicians are highly trained, highly experienced and fully insured to provide peace of mind. With booking options available by-phone and online, you can connect with our Puddle Pros 24 hours a day. Don’t wait to book your leak detection services. 

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