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There is a strong incentive to keep up with regular pool maintenance throughout the summer months but when the weather cools down, swim spaces tend to be put on the back burner. After sitting idle for the winter months, your water system is likely experiencing a buildup of debris, algae growth and a whole lot of bacteria. Calling an expert for your Tsawwassen pool opening helps to eliminate bacteria, protect your water systems and improve visuals around your home or commercial space.

Nothing beats taking a dip on a hot day, but diving into contaminated water can result in serious risks to health and safety. No one wants to start the swimming season off with irritated skin, ear or eye infections, or digestive issues. Instead of pulling back a pool cover and hopping on in, call a Puddle Pro to help test, treat, balance and inspect pools and hot tubs before use.

How to Open Your Pool: What to Consider For Spring

Swimming pools often sit stagnant during the cold, but this changes quickly as warm weather settles in. When temperatures reach an average of 21 degrees or higher, it is the ideal time to open up your pool system. In the same way that closing down a pool requires a multi-step approach, so does opening it back up again. Taking the time to prepare your pool for winter means winterizing plugs, inspecting the pump and filter and dropping water lines in order to protect mechanisms.

When opening your pool system in spring, it is important to consider all of the work that was done in the fall. Even when covered, debris can make its way into pool water and filtration systems. Lighter items like leaves, seed pods and even insects might float along surfaces, and heavier ones that have been sitting can sink to the bottom, leaving permanent stains on liners. The first step to a proper opening is to treat water, both for debris and chemical balance.

After months of sitting idle, it takes several applications of specialized pool chemicals that are allowed to sit, settle and take effect, over the course of days. When opening a pool, anyone can vacuum the pool bottom but getting rid of residue requires scrubbing. It doesn’t matter how much scrubbing and skimming you do, if the circulation system is struggling, your water system is not in great shape. In addition to checking the chlorine level, it is important to inspect the pool filter and basic test strips just can’t help with that. Having water tested by an expert helps to ensure proper balance while inspecting cartridges and pressure gauges can help to determine when sand filters need to be changed.

An important part of opening up a water system is to inspect the internal components, as well as structures, liners and pool equipment as well. Once water is clear, it is possible to have a proper overall view of the pool, and spot small tears in liners, issues with tiles or even algae growth along stairs, walls or flooring. As ground freezes and thaws, it can cause shifting, which impacts structures. Identifying any issues that occurred over winter can help to prevent a small tear from turning into a full-on disaster.

Puddle Pool Opening Services

Whether your property is landlocked or has an ocean view, proper pool cleaning and care is incredibly important. The condition of your water system is a matter of health and safety for swimmers, both at home, in a hotel or in a fitness centre. Calling an expert for your spring pool care means starting the swim season off with a clean slate, clean water and peace of mind. Our experts perform standard cleaning like emptying skimmer baskets and vacuuming pool bottoms but they also apply algaecides and pool chemicals that clear cloudy water, banish bacteria and help to protect filtration and circulation systems.

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