Tsawwassen Seasonal Pool Maintenance

No one feels the chill of a changing season like the sea-side homes in Tsawwassen. As temperatures begin to drop, a chill starts to settle over the area, including homes, hotels, fitness centres and multi-unit living environments – and that means pools! Whether you are closing down for winter or opening up in Spring, a bit of Tsawwassen seasonal pool maintenance goes a long way.

Looking for seasonal pool care should be pre-emptive. Having a pool closing set up for the winter months is important, as is a planned pool opening for warmer ones. It is easy to let simple tasks slip your mind, but a missed boat for your pool care can lead to structural damage and costly service and repairs. Instead of taking a risk, call a Puddle Pool Pro today.

Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance At Any Time of Year

No matter the time of year, any pool and spa must be kept clean and sanitary. Warmer months will no doubt bring on higher traffic but that doesn’t mean that cold weather doesn’t have its own impact on your water feature. From dropping water levels to inspecting pool heaters or a safer cover, there are many moving parts to your feature, but our Puddle Pool pros can handle it all.

When it comes to pools and spas, seasonal maintenance services are a must, and these change with each season. It is important to understand which procedures you should be following in order to get the best results for your space, based on unique needs, surrounding areas and climate.

Closing Your Pool For Winter: A lot can happen over the course of a few months and that is very true when it comes to a water feature. Just pulling back a cover and shocking the pool is not necessarily enough to create a clean swimming environment. When you are closing down for winter, it is important to set yourself up for success in Spring. Winterizing plugs, inspecting filters, and applying a winter cover can help to mitigate the risk of algae.

Opening Your Pool in Spring: Pulling the cover back on a pool and hot tub is only the beginning of your pool opening process. Before diving into your pool water, it is important to ensure that it is refilled and clean. The process of draining a pool in winter protects certain structural aspects of your feature. Whatever water is remaining needs to be shocked with chemicals and sanitizers to eliminate bacteria which has formed when sitting stagnant.

Surrounding Environments: Proper pool service does not just focus on water and pools themselves but on the surrounding area, as well. Pools and spas are not made out of one solid piece but require many different fixtures to keep the whole thing working. When cleaning poolside areas, it is important to consider the condition of mechanisms, motors and even diving boards and slides.

Choosing Puddle Pool Services

Being locally owned and operated, as well as fully insured and highly trained, our pool technicians have a distinct advantage over the competition. Throughout the lower mainland, there are plenty of options for pool service and care but our experts stand out from the rest. Instead of just taking a water sample and applying chemicals, our team works with water, pool equipment and all aspects of your maintenance.

Even a bit of neglect can lead to the need for extensive pool and spa repair. With options for scheduled care, our Puddle Pool Pros can service features of all size, types and styles. Book your seasonal maintenance ahead of time and rest easy knowing that help is one the way. With the ability to schedule services by phone or online, you can inquire about services 24 hours a day.

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