Henderson Water Feature Maintenance

Water features are a great way to add a bit of personality to any property, or to enhance the character that is already there. An outdoor water fountain can help to draw in foot traffic, while an indoor model can create a peaceful atmosphere. No matter the end goal, these features need to be kept clean. It can feel daunting to take care of a water system in addition to a busy schedule, so let our Puddle Pros handle it for you! 

Hiring an expert for your Henderson water feature maintenance means improving the look and efficiency of your system, but can prolong its lifespan as well. Spotting staining and dark algae growth is one thing, but it takes a trained eye to notice the first instances of white scale buildup or mineral deposits. When you want great results, without the headache, call a Puddle Pool Pro for your water fountain care. 

Water Fountain Cleaning: Regular Cleaning & Seasonal Updates 

Plenty of property owners are quick to scrub, skim and water treat pools and hot tubs, but fountains are often left out in the cold — literally! There are many different types of water features on the market, some of which are designed for the outdoors, and others for inside. No matter where your fountain is located, it still needs to be cleaned and water treated to avoid cloudy water, discolouration and stains, foul smells and unexpected damage. 

Keeping a fountain clean and running smoothly not only means a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule, but a catered treatment plan that accounts for changing seasons and other environmental factors. In order to get the best results, water feature care should be broken up into a multi-step approach, targeting surface areas that might affect curb appeal, as well as the internal mechanisms that make your fountain run. 

Equipment: The most important part of your water feature is its circulation system. If debris is left to float around in your system, it can lead to clogs and blockages within the filtration network. Clogged filters reduce water flow, forcing outdoor fountain pumps to work harder, causing unnecessary strain. This strain compounds over time, taking a toll on efficiency and functionality, as well as leading to burn out for the motor or fountain pump. 

Water Care: If you are installing a brand new fountain, you might reach for a garden hose to fill an empty system, but this is just the start of your water care journey. One of the most time consuming aspects of keeping water features clean is monitoring water condition. The water inside a wall fountain is not meant to be touched, but that doesn’t always stop people from sticking a hand in or coming into contact with this water. 

Structures: Most fountains are made out of concrete foundations. Concrete is hard to the tough but it is ultimately porous. This means that algae, bacteria and dirt that are left to sit against surfaces can seep into pores, leading to wear and tear, as well as potential breakage. Inspecting your fountain regularly for algae and invasive growth can help to prevent damage, and protect the overall condition of your system and structures. 

Seasonal Care: If there is cold weather on the horizon, it is always a good idea to winterize your water system. This can mean winterizing drain plugs, dropping water levels, or performing chemical treatments designed to help preserve conditions over long periods of cold weather and exposure. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Your Water Feature 

There are plenty of DIY cleaners that claim to get rid of grime, but not many of these are effective. A white vinegar solution might work for showers or countertops but this isn’t enough to get rid of stubborn stains or bacteria in outdoor spaces. After years of industry experience, our Puddle technicians have seen it all and come up with treatment plans that work! 

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured, so property owners can rest easy knowing that their property is safe in capable hands. With options for indoor and outdoor treatments around homes and commercial properties, there is no fountain that our experts can’t care for. Call today for your free estimate. 

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