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It is always a sad day when the swim season comes to an end, but it will be even more sad if you do not close down your pool properly. It is easy to throw on a winter cover as temperatures drop, but keeping your system safe for the season requires a lot more time and energy. Don’t spend your free time fussing over your water systems when you can have a Puddle Pro do it for you instead. 

Calling an expert for your Henderson pool closing service sets the stage for an easy opening in spring, but it is also helps to keep your pool system in good condition. When left to sit for months at a time, swimming pools are prone to bacteria buildup, algae, murky water and even foul smells. Puddle Pool technicians don’t just improve the look of your pool, but they help to protect it from damage, improve efficiency and even prolong the lifespan of your materials. 

Seasonal Pool Care: Closing Your Pool For Winter 

Henderson is not known for frigid temperatures, but even in a mild cold season, winterizing a pool is important. While temperatures during the day might be mild, they can drop below freezing overnight. This routine might not be enough to freeze over an entire pool, but it is enough to freeze water inside systems. Having water freeze inside filters or circulation systems can lead to damage from expansion and contractions, as well as making plastic pieces brittle. 

Prepping a pool for winter is key to keeping your system running, but seasonal pool care is not a one-size-fits-all practice. Treatments for an in-ground pool are different from dealing with an above ground model, so it is important to understand exactly what you are dealing with. 

In-Ground Models: Winterizing a drain plug can help to keep water out, protecting the mechanisms inside. Flushing pool lines can also empty out any sitting water, reducing the risk of freezing. Dropping the water level in your system to a few inches below the skimmer line will also help to protect jets and other vulnerable areas. 

Above Ground Pools: These models don’t require the same level of seasonal prep, but they do still need attention. For example, detaching removable components, drying them completely and storing them, can help to safeguard materials like plastic. Applying an air pillow can also help to prevent freezing, even when exposed to the elements. 

No matter the style of pool that you are dealing with, it is always important to balance the water inside of it. It is common practice to shock your pool during the swim season but not many pool owners pay attention to their chlorine level throughout the fall months. This might mean pulling a safety cover over already questionable water. A shock or application of algaecides can help to reduce the risk of contaminants, making it easier to open your pool in spring. 

Puddle Pool Services: Excellent Results For Your Pool Closing 

No one understands pool systems like an expert does. From seasonal pool maintenance to routine care, there is nothing that our team of specialists can’t handle. In addition to standard practices like maintaining water chemistry and scrubbing sides and flooring, our experts can help to protect important components like the pool pump and filtration system. 

When you want to set your system up for the winter months, it requires more than swapping out mesh covers for solid ones. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties and our technicians. By offering timely service and competitive rates, Puddle technicians provide accessible services to homes, business and communal swim spaces. 

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