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Nevada is not known for its harsh winters, in fact, people from all over the world travel to this warm-weather state to escape the cold. Just because Henderson is a great place to get away, doesn’t mean that it does not get cold! As temperatures take a downward turn, it is important to close out your swimming pool or hot tub. A proper pool closing and opening is key to maintaining a great condition, and our Puddle Pros can help! Calling an expert for your Henderson seasonal pool maintenance means improving curb appeal, maintaining a sanitary swim space for guests, and prolonging the lifespan of your system.

A change of seasons can be distracting, particularly during fall months when there are so many events on the horizon. It is easy to let your pool service slip through the cracks, but this can lead to costly and widespread damage. When you want to protect your pool throughout the cold weather and set the stage for a simple opening during spring, call a Puddle Pool technician.

What to Know About Seasonal Pool Care

During summer months, there is a lot of incentive to monitor pool water and necessary components like the pump and filter, but this shifts as temperatures drop. When the swim season is over, it is easy to think that installing a winter cover is enough to keep out debris and protect your pool until spring, but there is a lot going on under those covers.

Dropping Water Levels: With mild winters, it is not common for pools throughout Henderson to freeze over. It takes long periods of prolonged cold for large quantities of water to freeze, but small amounts of water freeze over easily, and this is bad news for pipes and mechanical components. By dropping the water level to a few inches below the skimmer, there is reduced risk of damage to jets and interior components. As water freezes and thaws, it leads to expansion and contraction, which can damage pipes and make plastics brittle. Avoid unnecessary damage by preventing water from entering your system. It is easy to add water to refill reduced levels in spring, but it is difficult to replace key items, so in this case, a bit of prevention goes a long way!

Treating Pool Water: A big part of preparing your pool for the winter is treating water. It might not seem necessary to apply chemicals to pool water if there is no one swimming in it but a chlorine shock and application of algaecides can help to fortify your water before a long period of sitting idle. Without reapplication, these won’t last the whole season long but it does work as a prevention method. When opening up again in spring, it is important to perform water testing, as well as balancing the water. Algaecides should be applied to kill off any potential algae growth, while sanitizers eliminate bacteria that have formed over winter. It is important to monitor the sanitizer and chlorine level to ensure safe swimming and remove any liability issues caused by recreational water illness.

Inspecting Pool Equipment: Water care is often the main focus of pool maintenance, but it is important to check in on your equipment as well. Mesh covers work great in summer because they allow sunlight to enter your system, helping to warm water. In winter, it is better to opt for solid covers to block sun. A damp, warm environment is great for bacteria growth, and solid covers reduce the risk of unnecessary growth. Winterizing drain plugs can prevent water from seeping into vulnerable areas, such as pool plumbing. If water has the chance to freeze inside the filter or around the pool pump, it can lead to breakage. The best option when closing down is to have a professional detach removable pieces so they can be properly dried and stored until your pool opening.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For Every Season

After years of experience in the industry, Puddle Pool Pros have cleaned, closed and opened pools at every time of year. Each member of the team is highly trained and outfitted with top of the line tools to ensure that our clients get the best results, at a competitive price. Fully insured services protect your property and our technicians, all while providing peace of mind to our clients. With options for booking by-phone and online, you can access Puddle Pool Services 24 hours a day. Don’t wait for disaster, when you can book your seasonal pool care today!

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