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In a warm weather climate, it is tempting to leave a pool open all year long. The trouble with leaving pools operational all year long is that you have to clean and maintain it, all year long. It is easy to overlook the needs of a pool when you can’t use it! Cold weather or rain often means swim spaces see less traffic and that means they are getting less attention. All it takes is one missed cleaning for water condition to start to spiral and swim spaces to go cloudy, green or begin to smell. If you want to protect your water systems through the off-season, call a Puddle technician for your Sunset pool closing service.

Cleaning your pool is a weekly practice during the spring and summer season, but as the temperatures drop, bi-weekly cleanings are often enough to keep pool water clean and flowing. Even a long vacation is enough to let your swimming pool slip from clean and sanitary to dirty and contaminated. If you being to notice algae growth in water, there are definitely bacteria and buildup inside water systems and components. If this is the case, restoring water means deep cleans of pool basins, surfaces and internal systems.

How to Close Your Pool

Unlike some other states that suffer from freezing temperatures for months at a time, residents in Florida don’t often have to worry about cold snaps freezing their swim spaces solid — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t winterize your pool. If swimming pools are not being used regularly, water systems will be suffering from bacteria and algae buildup. Winterizing chemicals don’t only reduce the risk of freezing, they go a long way in preventing algae buildup.

When closing a pool for the off-season, the best way to get great results is with a multi-step approach that treats swim spaces inside and out. A test kit can tell you when your chlorine level is off but they can’t help you balance winterizing chemicals and condition — so let our Puddle technicians handle it!

The first steps to closing a pool will always be cleaning and water treatments. In an inground pool, dropping water levels to a few inches below the skimmer lines can help to reduce sitting water inside plumbing lines. Flushing return lines also removes the risk of build-up and algae growth inside systems. An above ground pool doesn’t necessarily need to have the water level dropped but flushing lines is still important. Winterizing drain plugs will also stop water from seeping into vulnerable areas. If debris is left to sit, it will rot and break apart or, if sitting against liners, cause permanent staining. Ditch debris with a thorough skimming, vacuuming and emptying of skimmer baskets to reduce algae growth.

A changing of the season is also a great time to inspect pool equipment and change out mesh covers for a solid winter cover. In order to ensure that your swimming pool stays in good, working order, it is important that internal systems are kept in great shape. This means inspecting pool pumps, return lines, motors, heaters and filters. If you have a sand filter, checking pressure gauges will let you know when it will need to be emptied and replaced with new sand. Cartridge filters can be removed, cleaned and replaced.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Pool Closings in Sunset

When you want the best results for your swim space, look no further than your local Puddle Pros. By offering custom treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of homes and commercial properties throughout the area, our team of experienced pool experts are able to get the best results for any type, style and model of pool. In addition to years of industry experience, Puddle technicians undergo rigorous and on-going training. With access to top industry tools and resources, our experts have seen and done it all!

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Sunset area so we understand exactly what your water system is up against. Fully insured technicians provide peace of mind, as well as excellent results, so don’t hesitate to call a local expert for seasonal treatments, as well as routine cleanings, service calls and inspections.

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