Sunset Pool Leak Detection

A leak in your swimming pool is enough to ruin your summer but the risks don’t stop there! Even a small leak can lead to severe water loss and widespread damage in both homes and commercial spaces. Instead of waiting for a worst-case scenario call a Puddle Pro for your Sunset pool leak detection and stop water loss in its tracks.

Leak detection in pools is complicated because there are many moving parts to every swim space. Noticing the signs of a leak is only the first step in solving your water loss issue and finding the leak is a lot more complicated! When you want to find a leak, it is important to check structures, as well as plumbing lines and pool equipment. Without extensive technical knowledge it is easy to overlook a small tear in a pool liner or crack in concrete or equipment but our Puddle technicians have got you covered!

Pool Leak Detection Services: What Makes Leaks so Dangerous

It is common to spot puddles on your lawn following a rain storm but if you start to notice them on sunny days, it should be cause for concern. If swimming pools are leaking you will start to notice a drop in water levels, higher water bills and, in severe cases, pooling water around properties. More than being an inconvenience when you have to constantly refill water levels, a leaking pool is enough to shift soil causing damage to nearby structures and pool decking, as well as water damage, flooding, rot, mold and other unexpected surprises.

Losing an inch of water is no big deal, in fact, it is normal to lose several inches over the course of the week. High heats cause evaporation and high use means bodies are carrying water out of your pool multiple times a day. It is important to distinguish when water loss is normal and when you are dealing with a leak and that often involves a bucket test. This test involves placing a bucket of pool water next to the basin. In this case, water in both pools and buckets are exposed to the same conditions and should have the same level of evaporation. If the water level in a pool is significantly lower than the bucket, it is time to call in leak detection specialists.

The Puddle Guarantee: Your Local Leak Detection Company

After establishing that you are dealing with a leak, it is time to figure out if you are up against a structural leak or a plumbing leak. This can be tough to do without the appropriate industry tools. In order to track down even the toughest leaks, our team of technicians come prepared with all the necessary training and leak detection equipment to test even the most complicated areas.

Pressure Testing: Involves using consistent streams of air flow applied to plumbing and return lines to test for leaks. If this air stream comes across a leak it will create air bubbles that can be followed. For underground leaks, air flow will create gurgling sounds around saturated soil that can be tracked normally or by using specialty listening equipment.

Dye Tests: This type of testing uses coloured dyes to track down leaks in vinyl liners or structures. By switching off the pool pump water will be left sitting stagnant. When water is still, coloured dyes are strategically placed. Due to weighing more than standard pool water, dye will be sucked up into the vacuum that is created in the presence of a leak.

It is uncommon to go from detection to leak repair in 24 hours but every minute that your water system is left leaking, there is a greater risk of damage. If you think you might be dealing with a leak, don’t take a chance call Puddle Pool Services instead. Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured to provide peace of mind and great results.

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