Sunset Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools get a lot of attention during the height of the summer season but as temperatures drop, it is easy to overlook an outdoor swim space. As the seasons change, so do the needs of swimming pools. More than just managing water chemistry, proper pool care during the fall season can help to prevent algae, while spring pool care restores pools so they can be used safely. When you want to protect your pool for the winter or make the most out of spring call Puddle for your Sunset seasonal pool maintenance.

A quick internet search will come up with tons of tips for fall pool maintenance but not all of these are going to get desired results. For example, switching mesh pool covers for solid ones over the winter can help to reduce algae growth but this change over needs to be combined with winterizing pool chemicals to be effective. Instead of just keeping your pool covered and hoping for the best, trust a local expert to prep your pool for the winter months and open back up for swimmers in spring!

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do & When

You might be quick to clean your pool during the height of summer but when it comes to spring cleaning you’ll need to do more than throw in a few chlorine pucks and skim the surface for debris. After months of sitting idle your pool is probably full of debris, some that is floating along water surfaces and some that has sunken to the bottom of the pool. In addition to debris, you’re going to be dealing with cloudy water, algae and more than likely, some pretty foul smells. Pool closings and openings work together to keep Sunset pools running smoothly all year long, so make sure that they are done properly!

Closing Your Pool: It is never a bad idea to close your pool if you are expecting long periods of inactivity. If you don’t often use your swimming pool during the fall and winter, it is a good idea to shut your water system down but if you are getting ready for a prolonged vacation, it is a good idea to consider closing down. By adding algaecides and specialized chemical treatments, as well as dropping water levels, you can prevent algae growth from forming inside plumbing and return lines. If left sitting, debris will sink to the bottom of your pool. In addition to looking awful, this will cause permanent staining to vinyl liners. Removing debris and installing safety covers helps to protect pools and keep the area safe.

Opening Your Pool: If you’ve ever opened your pool before, you know how complicated the process can be. Making the most out of the swim season starts in the first days of spring but you can’t just peel back pool covers and expect to see crystal clear water. Shock treatments will start to restore clarity, debris will need to be removed from the pool and skimmer baskets, filters need to be inspected and cleaned and any pool equipment that was removed will need to be reinstalled.

Calling Puddle for your spring opening and fall pool care keeps your water systems in great shape all year long. Improper seasonal pool care puts added strain on your systems, wearing down on components and shortening their lifespan. Avoid unnecessary repairs and premature replacements by calling in an expert. Whether you are in the market for seasonal care or a routine pool program just call a Puddle Pro.

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