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The weather on Vancouver Island can be unpredictable, so it is important that homeowners are ready for anything. When the fall season comes around, homeowners are quick to weather-proof doors, windows and vents but pools are often overlooked. When left out in the cold, a single cold snap can lead to frozen water, unexpected damage and a whole lot of headache. Instead of struggling with freezing water or costly damage, call Puddle for your Colwood pool closing service.

If you are getting ready for the cold season or are taking a long vacation, it is a good idea to close your pool instead of letting it sit stagnant. Taking a DIY approach to closing your pool for the winter often ends up producing subpar results and unexpected damage. Instead of taking a risk, call a local expert for your fall pool care.

Closing Your Swimming Pool For The Season

Swimming pools get a lot of attention when the weather is warm but when school starts back up and the temperature dips, it is easy to overlook the needs of your water system. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to close down your water systems. Pool basins hold thousands of litres of water at any given time but there are other areas of your swim space that hold smaller amounts of water and are more susceptible to freezing.

As water freezes inside return lines or around pool pumps, it makes plastic brittle and prone to breakage. When water freezes, it can expand by up to 9%. Expansion in plumbing lines can cause warped materials and even the possibility of burst pipes. A damaged pipe creates water damage, floods structures, drowns lawns and means the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

Dropping water levels helps to prevent freezing in an inground pool, while installing an air or water bag reduces the risk of freezing in above ground pools. Winterizing drain plugs prevents water from seeping into sensitive areas and freezing. Drain plugs are not the only time that pool equipment is of top concern. Swapping out mesh summer covers for solid winter covers is key to reducing the risk of algae growth during the off-season.

Just because you cover your pool, doesn’t mean that debris won’t find its way inside. Before closing down, it is important to empty out your skimmer basket and inspect filters to ensure they are in good condition. A dirty cartridge filter can be removed, cleaned and replaced, while a pressure gauge can point out issues with sand filters.

Puddle Pool Services: Keeping Swim Spaces in Great Shape All Year

An amateur approach to pool closings often miss important steps, which will cause a ripple effect throughout water systems. After years of industry experience, our technicians have turned pool closings into an art form. By creating custom plans according to the unique needs of your swimming pool and surrounding area, Puddle customers get the best results with every service.

Closing a pool for the winter is not your only option as an owner. While closings leave pools sitting over the course of months, an off-season treatment program keeps swimming pools in great shape throughout the winter. Technicians provide cleaning and maintenance on a bi-weekly schedule, applying chemicals to maintain chlorine levels and water chemistry, while removing debris and performing visual inspections of liners and equipment.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully outfitted with top industry tools, resources, knowledge and on-going training. Local technicians understand exactly what your water systems are up against throughout the year. Instead of taking a DIY approach only to end up with subpar results, protect your pool and your bank account with a bit of help from a Puddle technician. Affordable treatments make pool care accessible for homeowners all over Colwood and expert care helps to avoid the costs of repairs and replacements.

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