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Outdoor swimming pools get put through the wringer over the course of the year. Spring and summer sees tons of swimmers passing through, while cold temperatures wear down on materials throughout winter. When you want to make the most out of summer weather from start to finish, have a Puddle Pro set your swim space up for success. Professional Colwood pool cleaning cleans pools from top to bottom, and inside, out.

It is easy to be caught up on water chemistry alone but proper pool maintenance means having to keep track of everything from structures, water balance, filtration systems and more. Basic tools from a pool supply store can help to ditch debris but these only provide a superficial improvement. Calling a local Pro for expert pool care protects pools, prolongs the lifespan of materials and keeps swimmers safe!

The Benefits of a Routine Pool Cleaning Service

Every year, pool owners try to take pool maintenance into their own hands, only to end up with subpar results. Bad results can come in many forms, from cloudy water, algae growth, residue or even recreational water illnesses, like skin irritations, ear infections and stomach issues. Anyone can shock your pool and see a superficial result but real results only come with practice — and our Puddle pros have got pool cleaning down to a science!

Pool water is one aspect of cleaning and maintenance but it is not the only one. In order to get the best results for your water system, it is important to take a multi-step approach that targets the systems that keep water flowing.

Water Care: Basic test strips are a dime a dozen at any pool supply store. These are used to point out glaring issues with bromine or chlorine levels, but there is more to water chemistry than just that. With any swimming pool, cleaner water is always better water. In order to keep swimmers safe and water crystal clear, it is important to regularly monitor sanitizer levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium.

Filters: A pool filter is designed to trap and hold bits of debris, removing them from water surfaces. Over time, skimmer baskets will fill up with debris and cartridge filters will become overwhelmed and need to be cleaned. In the case of sand filters, sand will need to be completely removed and replaced. Sand replacements require heavy lifting and are always better left to the pros!

Structures & Liners: A trained eye can spot problem areas before they turn into serious issues. A small tear in a liner, for example, can quickly become a much larger one. A tear in a liner will allow water to sneak into vulnerable areas, leading to potential structural damage, as well as the need for expensive replacements. Regular inspections make it possible to organize small repairs before they before they become disasters.

Circulation Systems: Stagnant water is dirty water. If pool pumps begin to fail, water is not flowing and chemicals are not circulating throughout basins. This means even clean water will become dirty in no time at all. Testing pumps, motors and return lines provides peace of mind that your pool is working exactly as it should.

Reduce Running Costs: Installing a pool is expensive but the associated costs don’t stop there. If plumbing lines start to develop clogs or blockages, water will not be able to flow freely. This means using more energy to push water through. This means higher utility costs. In the event of a leak, you might see a spike in heating costs or water usage. Struggling water systems also add unnecessary wear and tear to internal components, causing them to break down prematurely. Repairs and replacements are expensive, so let regular cleaning and inspections get the most out of your pool equipment.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For All Pool Types

Thorough pool cleaning services don’t just improve the look of your swim space, they protect them from damage and can even reduce the daily costs of running swimming pools and hot tubs. Every member of the Puddle team is local to your area and are highly trained and experienced. This means we understand how to treat your water systems according to the climate, surrounding areas and other contributing factors. Skip the trial and error and choose efficient care done by an expert.

With options for regular weekly pool cleaning treatments, bi-weekly care, seasonal maintenance and even single service calls, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle.

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