Colwood Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool might get the most attention during the summer months but water systems need attention all year long. When the seasons begin to change, pools and spas need more attention than ever. Whether you are closing down for the season or are opening up in spring, Colwood seasonal pool maintenance can help to protect water systems against damage, keep swim spaces sanitary, and helps you to enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest.

Pool owners are quick to take on pool care themselves throughout the summer, only to end up with subpar results. In a high traffic space, this might result in cloudy water but an amateur approach to seasonal treatments can have a ripple effect throughout a pool and spa. Instead of taking a risk, leave the seasonal pool care to an expert.

Preparing Your Pool For a Changing of the Season

There are plenty of websites out there that offer tricks and tips for fall pool maintenance but not all of these are useful. In fact, some of these tips can lead to damage and the need for expensive repairs and replacements. Before you reach for harsh chemicals, power tools or pumps, consider consulting an expert for your pool care and treatments.

Spring Pool Care: If you chose to close your pool for the winter, it has more than likely been sitting stagnant for months. This means that there is likely tons of debris sitting at the bottom of the pool, water is contaminated, filters are in need of changing, skimmer baskets should be emptied and internal components need to be examined for damage.

Fall Pool Care: When the temperature drops, the swimming season has come to and end. British Columbia is known for mild winters but there is always a risk of freezing water. Even if an entire pool basin doesn’t freeze over, small amounts of water inside pool pumps, plumbing lines and other vulnerable areas can. By dropping the water level in a swimming pool and winterizing drain plugs, water is not able to seep into sensitive areas. Winterizing chemicals help to reduce algae growth and detachable components can be removed and dried for storage.

Off-Season Pool Programs: During summer months, pool owners often choose a weekly pool cleaning program. This keeps water clean and clear, swimmers safe and systems running smoothly. A pool closing leaves water sitting stagnant, leaving it open to contamination and leading to an in-depth opening process in spring. Choosing an off-seasonal pool treatment program means bi-weekly cleanings that maintain water chemistry, remove debris and test water systems throughout the fall and winter. This makes pool openings in spring as simple as turning on a heater.

Puddle Pool Services: Excellent Results At Any Time of Year

When the seasons change, you can’t just cover your pool and hope for the best. By calling an expert for your seasonal pool services, customers can rest easy knowing that they are getting the best results for your water system. From water condition, internal components, plumbing lines, pool equipment and more, our technicians clean, inspect and protect water systems from top to bottom.

Puddle crews are fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as great results. After years of experience in the industry, our technicians are able to create custom treatment plans according to the unique needs of your pool system. Custom action plans make it easy to prepare homes, commercial properties and multi-unit properties of all sizes.

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