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When spring comes around, property owners are eager to open up their swim spaces for the season. In an ideal world, pool owners would be able to pull back winter covers and dive on in to sparkling clean pools — but this just isn’t what happens! After months of disuse, pool water is likely cloudy, discoloured, riddled with algae or full of debris. Instead of struggling to restore the condition of your water systems, call a Puddle Pro for your Colwood pool opening.

An amateur approach can take days or weeks of chemical applications, scrubbing, skimming and hard work. Having an expert open your pool means more efficient services, affordable prices, excellent customer service and peace of mind that you are getting the best possible results.

Spring Pool Care: What Goes Into A Pool Opening

Preparing your pool for winter weather is a multi-step approach designed to protect water systems from the cold. When temperatures begin to rise and the swimming season is right around the corner, it is important to undo all of these steps, in addition to heavy cleaning. This can feel overwhelming without technical experience and that is why our Puddle technicians have broken seasonal pool maintenance into a series of steps.

Managing Water Levels: During a pool closing, it is common to drop the water level in an in-ground pool. This prevents water from seeping into sensitive areas and freezing, damaging plastic components and risking burst pipes. Restoring water levels so they reach the jets and skimmer lines is as simple as filling it back up with a garden hose. Winterizing plugs is also a part of closing, so they will need to be opened back up during openings.

It All Starts With a Shock Treatment: After long periods of sitting stagnant, your pool water will be in rough shape. An initial shock treatment can begin to clear bacteria and cut the cloudiness of water, but water balancing is not done there. Following applications of seasonal pool chemicals, experts measure chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and other necessary balances.

Inspecting Water Systems: Circulation and filtration systems are key to keeping pools clean. A pool filter traps unwanted items and debris while pool pumps keep treated water circulating. Opening your water systems for spring means a deep clean and thorough testing of return lines, heat systems and more. An opening is an ideal time to inspect cartridge filters and whether or not they should be removed and cleaned, or in the case of sand filters, if they need to be removed, emptied and replaced. Emptying skimmer baskets and cleaning filters are key to having your system running smoothly.

Visual Inspections: Cloudy water makes it difficult to see the condition of your swimming pool. Once pool water is clear, a visual inspection from a trained eye can help to point out potential problem areas. For example, a small crack in an internal component or small tear in a liner can be repaired quickly and easily, instead of needing a full replacement.

Puddle Pool Opening Services: Setting Your Pool Up For Spring

When switching between seasons, it is important to consider every aspect of your water system. Even swapping out solid winter pool covers for mesh models can help to heat water surfaces, reducing energy use. Along with helpful tips and tricks for spring pool care, our team of Puddle technicians are able to provide peace of mind, improve visuals and create sanitary swim spaces.

Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured. With options for seasonal pool treatments, like openings and closings, routine pool care and service calls, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle expert. Make the most out of the swim season with one call to our local specialists.

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