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It is hard to say goodbye to summer and that makes it easy to procrastinate seasonal chores but your pool closing shouldn’t be one! As temperatures begin to drop it is easy to get caught up on weather proofing homes, digging out winter clothing from the back of closets and enjoying the leaves change but your swimming pool should be a priority. Failing to close your pool for the season can lead to serious damage and a whole lot of headaches so call your local Puddle Pro instead! Expert Sarnia pool closing services protect swim spaces from damage and pave the way for an easier opening in spring so book your closing today!  

Fall Pool Care: What to Know 

When you want to winterize your pool for the season, it takes more than just throwing on a winter cover and hoping for the best. An improper closing means months of water sitting stagnant. It is common for pool owners to pull back their covers in spring only to see discoloured water, algae blooms and a whole lot of debris. Instead of dealing with the fallout of an improper closing, call a local Pro for a multi-step treatment process that caters to the visible aspects of your swimming pool as well as the behind-the-scenes systems that keep it running. 

Drop Your Water Level: The biggest risk to swimming pools during the fall season is freezing. As much as you might love to spend your afternoons at the local ice rink, your swimming pool should never freeze over. It takes prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures for entire pool basins to ice over but for smaller amounts of water inside return lines, plumbing or around components, this happens a lot more quickly. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and can lead to breakage. In the event that there is water left inside internal systems, it will freeze and lead materials to warp and even cause pipes to burst. Draining water so it falls a few inches below the skimmer line prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas. Anytime you need to drain your pool water it is best left to an expert to avoid water damage. 

Winterize Pool Equipment: Winterizing drain plugs is another great way to stop water from seeping into sensitive areas where it will freeze and cause damage. It is always a good idea to remove detachable components so they can be dried and stored for the off-season. It is also a good idea to flush water lines to ensure there is nothing hiding out inside. 

Specialized Chemical Treatments: During the swim season it is common for pool owners to focus on chlorine levels but as swim spaces are used less frequently this is less of a priority. When going into the off-season it is a good idea to apply a specially derived chemical treatment that prevents algae growth and prevents freezing during cold temperatures. 

Whether you are looking to close down your inground pool or above ground pool, there is nothing that our team of experienced Puddle technicians can’t handle. 

Puddle Pool Services: Excellent Results For Your Pool Closing in Sarnia 

A basic test kit can’t help you close your pool in fall or open your pool in spring, but our Puddle technicians can! Local crews understand that your swimming pool is always up against the elements and after years of industry experience, we know how to prepare your pool and protect it from seasonal damage. 

Puddle technicians offer efficient and affordable services as soon as the average outdoor temperature hits 15 degrees. Closing too late can mean dealing with unnecessary damage while closing too early means missing out on the last warm days of the swim season. Before you switch your pool pump off for the season, call Puddle and let our crews handle the heavy lifting for you. 

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