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Having access to a swimming pool means being able to take a late-night dip, host a party, add value to a property or draw customers into a commercial setting. There are a ton of benefits to a pool but there is also a ton of maintenance involved. Keeping a swim space clean can feel like a full-time job but this shouldn’t eat into your summer fun. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the needs of your swimming pool or just don’t have the time to keep up, let a local Puddle Pro handle it for you. Expert Sarnia pool cleaning services keep your water clean and clear, systems running smoothly and free of debris, all at an affordable rate. 

Pool Care & Maintenance: What to Know About Your Swim Space 

Pool supply stores are a dime a dozen but testing kits and buckets of pool chemicals aren’t very useful without the technical knowledge of how to use them. Anyone can grab a skimmer to scoop out unwanted floating debris but what about the things happening just below the surface? Imbalanced water chemistry, clogged filters, faulty return lines or a burned out pool pump are not only inconvenient, they will have a serious ripple effect throughout your water systems. Before you start a DIY pool plan, it is important to consider all of the moving parts of your pool: 

Water Chemistry: Maintaining balanced pool water is one of the most important aspects of pool care, not only for the condition of the swimming pool itself but for anyone that steps inside. In addition to looking awful, dirty, cloudy or discoloured pool water is a sure sign that you should not be using your swim space. Shocking the pool might clear away some cloudiness but when you want to keep water looking its best, it is important to focus on chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. The average testing kit may point out issues with your sanitizers but often won’t cover the whole range of necessary levels to keep pools clean. In addition to keeping swimmers safe, regular chemical treatments prevent algae growth, keeping water in great shape. 

Debris Removal: Getting rid of unwanted items in your pool seems simple enough: grab a skimmer and scoop it out, right? Wrong! Lighter items will float along pool surfaces, eventually landing in corners, against pool walls or stuck in skimmer baskets. If not removed regularly, organic items will rot and break apart into smaller bits and pieces that will create clogs or blockages inside pool filters. Standard pool vacuum heads are not shaped to reach into hard angles like corners or areas around stairs. This means there are pockets for bacteria and debris to build up, creating contaminants. 

Filtration Systems: Pool filters are a key component of keeping swim spaces clean. The goal of any filter is to trap and hold unwanted items while letting water pass through so it can be circulated back into pools. If filters are clogged water can’t pass through as easily, meaning it has to try harder, using more energy and putting undue strain on internal components, shortening their lifespan. A cartridge filter should be removed, clean and reinstalled every 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and replaced with new sand every 3-5 years. 

Seasonal Care: In addition to regular maintenance throughout the swim season, it is important to properly close your pool for the winter and open back up again in spring. By building proper pool care plans according to the season not only keeps your swim space looking its best, it improves functionality, prevents damage and prolongs the lifespan of water systems. 

Puddle Pool Services: Call Local Experts For the Best Results 

When you want to keep your pool cleaner, ditch the basic test strips and call an expert for your pool water testing and maintenance. Don’t wait until you are dealing with cloudy water to call a Puddle technician. Our local experts understand what your swim space is up against and we know how to manage these obstacles. Whether you are looking to manage an indoor or outdoor pool in a residential or commercial space, our technicians offer up the best results in the Sarnia area. 

Highly trained and experienced technicians offer a wide variety of treatment options that keep water clean and systems running. With options for routinely scheduled cleaning programs, one time cleans, service calls, pool leak detection services, pool inspections and seasonal treatments, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. In addition to excellent results, Puddle technicians offer affordable and transparent pricing and fully insured services for peace of mind, no matter the time of year. 

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