Sarnia Pool Leak Detection

Anywhere that water is concerned, there is always the risk of leaks. A leaky pipe in a kitchen sink is an annoyance but when it comes to a swimming pool even a small leak can lead to large-scale damage. The average pool holds hundreds of gallons of water so even a pinhole leak can mean severe water loss. If you suspect that you are dealing with water loss don’t hesitate to call your local Puddle crew for expert Sarnia pool leak detection services. 

Part of what makes swimming pool leaks so dangerous is that they will often start out by being subtle. Unless it is a question of physical damage a leak will often begin slowly, getting worse over time. Instead of ignoring a problem and hoping it goes away, call an expert at the first sign of trouble. When diagnosed early leaks can often be patched or repaired easily but as the issue becomes worse, the more it will take to fix. Delayed treatments often mean more expensive solutions but our Puddle technicians are here to help with quick and efficient detection for swimming pool leaks. 

Leak Detection in Pools: Understanding the Process 

It can be tough to determine whether or not you are dealing with a leak in your pool. Water loss can occur naturally through use or caused by high heats but there is a big difference between losing 3 inches of water on a weekly basis and losing that much every day. If you think that you might be losing water but aren’t quite sure, it might be time for a bucket test. 

A bucket test involves placing a bucket of water next to the pool so the two are exposed to the same conditions. Once placed, mark the water level in both the pool and the bucket. After a few days check the levels. If the water level in the bucket is significantly different from the pool water level you are likely dealing with a leak. Determining that you are dealing with a leak is the first step toward solving the problem but it definitely isn’t the last. 

It is important to track down and isolate effected areas and that means deciphering if you are dealing with a structural or plumbing leak. 

Structural Leaks: When dealing with an above ground pool, structural leaks are often easier to pinpoint. For inground pools it is easy to miss structural water loss. Even a small tear in a pool liner is enough to cause a serious issue. In order to diagnose structural leaks, our Puddle technicians come equipped with all of the necessary tools for a dye test. This process involves turning off pool pumps and letting water settle until still. From here, coloured dyes are strategically placed inside the pool water. Because dyes weigh more than the water itself they will be sucked up by the vacuum created by a leak. 

Plumbing Leaks: If you suspect that your leaks are happening within your plumbing system, you are in the market for a pressure test. The pressure test involves applying a steady stream of air to plumbing lines. If this air stream comes into contact with a leak or opening it will create air bubbles or in the case of saturated soil, it will make gurgling sounds. 

In addition to scanning various areas of your pool in search of water leaks, our team of experts is also well connected with reliable pool care services throughout Sarnia. By tapping into our network of industry experts we can point pool owners in right directions for leak repairs. With options for booking your pool leak detection online or by phone, there is never a bad time to call an expert pool leak detector. 

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