Murrieta Pool Closing

It is always a sad day when you have to close your pool for the winter, but preparing for cold weather is the best way to keep your swim space in good working order. It might take a prolonged period of cold to freeze an entire pool, but what about the more vulnerable areas? Calling an expert for your Murrieta pool closing means getting great results, avoiding unexpected damage and setting the stage for a smooth opening in spring. 

Caring for swimming pools is a complicated process, particularly during a change of the season. As the weather takes a turn for the chilly, the vulnerable parts of your pool system are left out in the cold, and that means liners, the pool pump, motors and more are all vulnerable to breakage. Instead of risking unnecessary damage, call an expert to prep your pool for the cold season and keep your system running all year long. 

Why Should I Choose A Professional Pool Closing Service? 

Plenty of property owners attempt amateur pool care throughout the year. While you might be able to skim away floating debris or shock your pool every now and then, closing is a much more complicated process. While your pool water might not completely freeze over in a California winter, that doesn’t meant that small amounts of water can’t freeze and thaw inside your water system. 

In order to protect your pool mechanisms from the cold, it is important to drop the water level a few inches below the skimmer. This prevents water from getting into drains, making plastic brittle and causing damage to pool lines, filters, motors and more. Unlike pulling the plug on a sink or bathtub, draining pool water is a complicated process. Without proper planning and execution, pool water can drown lawns, or seep into structures, leading to flooding, water damage and rot. 

Caring for pool equipment during cold weather is another key aspect of a proper closing. Winterizing a drain plug is always a great idea, but so is covering your pool. During summer, safety covers are a necessity, but they are often mesh and designed to let light in. During winter, covers should limit the amount of sunlight that can reach pool water. When sunlight reaches your water, it creates a damp, covered environment for bacteria to thrive in. When the weather is warm, maintained chlorine levels reduce the risk of algae growth, but without chemical application, it does not take long for algae blooms to form and take over. 

A professional pool service like Puddle provides in-depth closings, designed to keep pools and swim spas in good shape, even in poor weather. Take your long list of to-dos and hand it over to an expert. Our team of highly trained pool specialists arrive on scene ready to blow out the lines of your system, clean skimmer baskets, manage water chemistry and ensure that property owners know the benefits of solid covers. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Your Pool Closing 

After years of experience in the industry, Puddle Pool technicians have seen it all! Choosing local technicians means you can forget struggling through trial and error, because our experts know exactly what your system is up against. It doesn’t matter if you have an in-ground pool, or an above ground model, our team of experts have got you covered! By offering fully insured and cost competitive pricing, Puddle Pool Services offer accessible treatments, excellent results and even better customer service. 

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