Murrieta Pool Leak Detection

California is made for swimming pools and vice versa! Nothing beats soaking up sunshine poolside and that goes for homeowners looking to enjoy their backyard water systems and businesses looking to bring in clients. A swimming pool can help you make the most out of the spring and summer but a leak can ruin it! If your pool is leaking, it will have a ripple effect throughout your entire water system. Murrieta pool leak detection is able to identify whether you are dealing with a leak, where it is coming from and isolate the problem areas. 

Pool leak detection is a complicated process that involves visual inspections of surface areas, foundations and liners, along with internal water testing to track down problem areas. Without the tools and technical knowledge to find a leak, it will only get worse over time. It is easy to confuse a bit of natural water loss with a leak, but our Puddle Pros are here to help. If you begin to notice water loss don’t wait to call an expert. Experienced Puddle crews are able to determine whether or not you are dealing with a leak, whether the source of the leak is structural, inside plumbing or caused by failing pool equipment and provide insight into how to fix the issue. 

Leak Detection in Pools: Identifying Your Leak 

When dealing with a swimming pool there are plenty of places that are prone to leaks but that is not the only reason that you might experience water loss. High outdoor temperatures will lead to evaporation and a pool party or busy swim day means pool water is being carried out on bodies. After a week of warm weather and cannonballs, it is common to see anywhere from 3-5 inches of water loss but any more than that and you might be dealing with a leak. If you find yourself having to grab a garden hose and refill your water levels every day, call a Puddle Pro. 

If you suspect that you are dealing with excessive water loss, many pool owners perform a bucket test. This involves grabbing a bucket of pool water and setting it next to the poolside. When exposed to the same conditions, both of these should have the same rate of evaporation. If after a few days the water level of your pool has dropped significantly more than in the bucket, it is time to call in professional leak detection specialists. 

Identifying whether you have a leak is step one but then it is time to really get to work! The next step is to determine whether you are dealing with a plumbing leak, a structural leak or a faulty equipment. Over time pool components can corrode, especially in salt water pools. This means you might be losing water from a pool pump or even water heater. These can be identified with visual inspections but everything else involves expert testing. 

In order to track down even the toughest leaks, Puddle technicians arrive on-scene with top leak detection technology and testing options to track down and isolate problem areas. A pressure test involves using pressurized air flow applied to plumbing and return lines. If this encounters a leak, it will produce air bubbles or in the case of underground leaks, gurgling sounds which can be followed with specialized listening equipment. Dye tests are best used to identify structural leaks. This type of testing involves turning off the pool pump and strategically placing dyes inside pool basins. Because dye weighs more than pool water it will be attracted to the vacuum created by a leak. 

If you are noticing water loss or reduced water pressure, just call a water leak detection expert for valuable insight, thorough testing, peace of mind and help organizing leak repair services. 

Puddle Leak Detection Services: Excellent Results Throughout Murrieta CA 

Puddle Pool Services is not your average leak detection company. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Murrieta area so we understand the biggest threats that are facing swimming pools. From root damage, corrosion, physical damage and aged materials, there are plenty of reasons that your system might be losing water. Whether you are dealing with a plumbing leak, torn liner, broken tile or more, nothing gets past our team of experts. 

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