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Kanata residents are keen to make the most out of their summer months. As great as sun tans and beach days might be, it is important to winterize pool areas as temperatures drop. It is no fun to admit that warm weather is coming to an end and this can lead to a neglected pool system, just in time for freezing temperatures. Professional Kanata pool closing can help to protect your system over a long winter, as well as improving function and laying the ground work for a smoother opening in spring.

Expert fall pool care isn’t only important as preparation for the winter months, it also helps to make the most out of the swimming season. Winters in Ontario are frigid and that is why homeowners weatherproof their homes but pools are often left out in the cold. Swimming pools are built tough but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a bit of help from time to time. Call a Puddle Pro to safeguard your swim space.

The Best Way to Close Your Pool

During the fall season, water chemistry is not a top priority for pool owners. Even when it is not in use, your pool water is vulnerable to contamination but it is also susceptible to freezing. In order to properly care for a pool throughout the winter, it is important to consider how the cold weather impacts every area of your pool system.

Cover Your Pool: The best way to keep debris out of your pool system is with a secured cover. A mesh cover is great for summer months because it allows sunlight to reach water, helping to heat it. This reduces utility costs and creates a more inviting environment but in winter, a mesh cover creates the ideal space for algae to form. A damp, covered space is great for bacteria but bad news for you.

Clean Your Pool Filter: When it comes to keeping your pool running, circulation systems are your secret weapon. A functional pump, filter, heater and motor transport chemicals and sanitizers throughout the entirety of a pool system. Pool antifreeze can be used in areas of prolonged freezing temperatures, to stop basins from freezing over completely. Cleaning out skimmer baskets and inspecting filters make it possible for water to flow smoothly.

Apply Pool Chemicals: Balancing the water in your pool is key to maintaining a sanitary swim space but when closing down, it is important to apply extra chemicals in order to keep it in great shape. Algaecides, for example, are useful as a treatment and a preventative measure to avoid being overrun with bacteria and invasive growth. Even when there is no one swimming in your pool it is important to monitor chlorine levels, pH levels and more to ensure it is not being contaminated.

Adjust Water Levels: When water freezes, it expands up to 9%. This might not seem like a high number but it can lead to pipes bursting. A burst pipe leads to flooding, water damage, rot and leaks. If water freezes inside systems, it can make plastic components brittle, leading to premature breakage. Water bags can help to prevent freezing in above ground pools while in-ground models need to have the water level dropped below the jets and skimmers to avoid damage.

Puddle Pool Closing Services: Great Results For Cold Weather

One of the best tips for fall pool maintenance that our pros can offer is to ditch the simple test kit and call an expert for the best possible results. No one wants to dip their hands into freezing cold water or have to manage soggy debris that has been left over in skimmer baskets, so leave it to an expert. Puddle crews are local to the Kanata area, so we understand the best way to protect your pool from the cold, including: when to close your pool, how to get the best results and why it is so important to maintain your swim space even when it isn’t being used.

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