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Swimming pools are an appealing addition to any property, but these are not always easily maintained. In a busy environment, it is incredibly important to maintain a safe and sanitary swim space, both for users and for curb appeal. A clean and inviting swim space can draw in guests in a hotel environment, bring customers to fitness centres, set the stage for a home sale or help to clean up after a construction project. When you want the best results with none of the struggle, call a Puddle Pro for your Kanata commercial pool services.

Managing a commercial swimming pool often means being responsible for hundreds of individuals on a daily basis. Properly managing a pool means dividing maintenance into a multi-step approach for the best results possible. An amateur approach to commercial pool care can mean skipping one of these steps, leading to cloudy water, potential damage and unnecessary strain.

Pool Care For Businesses & Realtors

As a business owner, safety is always a top priority. No one wants to be known as the hotel that has murky pool water or the gym that gave someone an ear infection. Commercial pool maintenance is not just about visual appeal, it is about keeping swimmers safe and your reputation intact.

Cleaning in Hotel Pools: It is hardest to keep your pool clean in a high traffic environment, and hotels fit this bill. Unlike residential pool owners that have to clean up following family use, hospitality environments have to worry about hundreds of individuals on a daily basis. With each person that steps foot in your pool water, something is left behind. Body oils, hair products and cosmetics seep off of bodies, leaving residue behind on walls. In a shared swimming environment, it is important to check up on chlorine levels, but it is also important to skim debris, scrub sides, ensure that stairs are not slippery, as well as cleaning filters and skimmer baskets.

Post-Construction Clean Up: Following a bit of landscaping or a construction project, chances are that outdoor pools are likely full of debris. When dirt and debris are clogging up your pool filter, it leads to widespread issues throughout your system. If pools are empty and collect debris, it can be difficult to remove dust, dirt or debris that clings to poolsides, stairs and complicated areas. Having an expert treat pools with speciality tools can remove clutter and debris from all areas, preserving the overall condition of pool systems.

Staging Homes For Sale: For potential home buyers, a pool can be seen as either an asset or an obstacle. Replacing mechanisms or a liner replacement is an expensive undertaking so presenting a struggling water system can be a deterrent to a sale. Hiring professional pool cleaning services can help to create an appealing visual for potential buyers.

For any business, structures are the first impression that they give the outside world. Whether you are a small business or part of a much larger whole, health and safety is always a top priority. By calling an expert pool service, businesses can offer a safety guarantee, as well as a range of service options.

The Puddle Guarantee: Reliable Hotel Pool Care in Kanata

When it comes to booking a hotel stay, having a clean and accessible swimming pool can be the difference between a fully booked weekend and empty rooms. Keeping up with a routine cleaning schedule can be time-consuming and in some cases overwhelming. A hotel pool can see dozens of swimmers on a daily basis so it is extremely important to keep water clean and balanced. Luckily, Puddle technicians offer services once a week or as often as five times per week, so you can rest easy knowing that your pool is in good hands and you can focus on daily operations.

Anyone can start a pool cleaning company, hand out business cards and promise to shock your pool, but Puddle Pros are committed to safe spaces, great results, happy swimmers — and we have the track record to prove it! Instead of focusing on superficial results, our team of highly trained technicians work toward an in-depth clean that not only improves visuals, but helps to improve efficiency and prolong the lifespan of structures and the mechanisms that keep it running.

When it comes to commercial pool cleaning and maintenance, a testing kit or automatic cleaner cannot compare with the results and customer service of a highly trained professional. With options for single treatments, routine care, deep cleans and seasonal treatments, there is no pool system that our experts can’t handle.

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