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Nothing beats the fresh smell of spring — except for enjoying it from a swimming pool! The May long weekend typically signals the first days of spring, as well as the beginning of the swim season. When you want to make the most out of the warm weather, it is a great idea to book professional Kanata pool opening services in advance. By booking an appointment with a Puddle Pro, pool owners are able to have their systems up and running, looking great and help to avoid unnecessary damage.

Spring pool care is not as simple as pulling the safety cover off of your water system and diving on in. After a long winter, your pool is likely experiencing a few different types of contamination ranging from a buildup of debris, cloudy water or algae. Stepping into tainted water can lead to skin irritations, eye infections or other illness. When you want the best results for your pool system, an expert can clean and maintain internal components, as well as structures and water condition.

The Best Way to Open Your Pool in Spring

The May long weekend is the standard time to open a pool but the climate in Kanata can be complicated. In reality, when the average temperature reaches 21 degrees it is time to start the opening process. Instead of a simple chemical application, opening a pool is a multi-part process that spans over the course of multiple days.

One of the main focuses of a pool opening is to undo what was done during the closing process. Dropping the water level and winterizing plugs is a necessary way to prevent frozen water in lines and internal mechanisms. Refilling water levels and opening drain plugs allow water to circulate, spreading necessary chemical treatments throughout.

When you remove the cover from your system after a long period of sitting idle, you will likely be met with a lot of built up debris and cloudy pool water. Algae is likely to form over long periods, as well. All of these combined creates a negative visual, as well as an unsanitary swim space. It is easy enough to vacuum the pool bottom but these tools are not designed to dig into hard angles or corners. Scrubbing sides with specialized tools are able to remove residue from walls, stairs and flooring, eliminating slippery surfaces.

A balanced application of pool chemicals can help to restore chlorine and sanitizer levels, as well as the pH level and total alkalinity. Algaecides can help to eliminate any algae growth that has formed over the course of winter. Testing for phosphates can also help to achieve clean water, faster. A simple test kit might be able to alert to some common issues with chemical balance but an opening requires a deep clean.

Checking pool equipment is another way to ensure that your opening goes as smoothly as possible. A trained eye can perform visual inspections on everything from the pool pump, to diving board and pool cover. By identifying problem areas at the beginning of the season, it is possible to prevent disaster later on. Having an expert examine your pool and the surrounding area means being able to spot existing issues, as well as problem areas that might turn into a headache later on.

Puddle Pool Maintenance: Opening Your Pool For The Season

Before you pull back that winter cover, consider calling a Puddle expert instead. Local technicians understand the seasons in Kanata, and how each of these impact your pool system. There isn’t much point in buying test strips and chemicals, while leaving debris behind and filters clogged. Instead of settling for subpar results, call a Puddle Pro for a clean water system inside and out.

Puddle Pool technicians are highly trained, highly experienced and fully insured to provide peace of mind, alongside excellent results. A pool opening is a clean slate for a new season, but the needs of your water system don’t stop there. By offering cost competitive prices and options for routine maintenance, seasonal services and refreshes, no one beats Puddle Pool Services.

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