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For property owners in the Oshawa area, the fall season comes along with a lot of additional chores to add to the to-do list. With an already packed schedule, something as simple as raking up leaves can take up a ton of your free time, and just like that, your pool gets neglected. A professional Oshawa pool closing service doesn’t only protect your swim space from the effects of disuse, but, can help to prolong lifespans of mechanisms, and make your next pool opening, even easier. 

A proper pool closing requires more then installing winter covers and tossing in a chlorine puck. When you are shutting down for winter, expert care is a must to avoid disaster. The needs of your pool system will vary based on whether you are dealing with an inground model or an above ground pool and even the type of filter you have. When you want the best results for your seasonal pool care, it is important to treat surfaces, as well as internal mechanisms, such as the pool pump, liners and the filtration systems. 

What To Know About Closing Your Pool For Winter 

Canada is known to be a winter wonderland for tourists, but for property owners, cold weather comes with a lot of responsibility. All it takes is a short drive to see that streets are prone to cracking and potholes, and this is because cold weather has a negative effect on concrete. This is true of roadways, and it is true of a concrete pool foundation. There are some environmental factors that you just can’t fight against but you can do your best to protect them with a trained eye, multi-step approach and the right equipment to get the job done right. 

Water Chemistry: Throughout the swimming season, there is an obvious need to maintain water balance but when the weather cools and pool traffic drops off, it is easy to let this fall by the wayside. Regular chemical balancing prevents algae while winterizing chemicals can help to prevent freezing. 

Water Levels: Just like any other body of water, pools are prone to freezing. As these areas freeze, they are prone to expansion and contraction. This process can cause serious damage to concrete, pool liners and internal mechanisms. Frozen water can make plastic brittle, causing them to crack, which means unseen damage that only gets worse over time. When dealing with an inground pool, it is a good idea to drop water levels so they fall a few inches below the skimmer line. This means having to drain the water from your system but it is important to make sure that you know where water is going! Improper draining can mean water damage, drowned lawns and flooded structures so it is always best left to the experts. 

Pool Accessories & Equipment: Every piece of your pool system plays a part in its overall health. From emptying skimmer baskets to cleaning your safety cover, winterize your drain  plug and even cleaning out your sand filter, every bit counts. You might be able to create a preliminary checklist of things to look over, but when you want real results, it is always better to leave the inner-workings of your system, up to the pros. 

Opening Your Pool: Many property owners are keen to get their systems going at the very start of the season, prolonging their enjoyment of the season. Without a proper closing, it can take much longer to open up. It might require an in-depth cleaning, additional chemical treatments, or even an unexpected repair. 

It is important to know that closing is not your only option for fall pool care. By opting for an off-season pool program you can keep your swimming pool in great shape all year long. This option means putting your circulation system on a timer so it runs throughout the day. An expert will still come out to balance your chlorine level and remove debris. A regular program keeps swim spaces in good shape and that means when the spring season comes around, all you have to do is turn on the heater and hop on in. 

Puddle Pool Services: Not Your Average Pool Company 

Attempting to drop the water level of a swimming pool without the proper experience can result in widespread damage and the need for costly repairs. When you want the best for your swim space, it is important to inspect your pool equipment, pool water and return lines. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured to provide peace of mind, along with great results.

When going into a new season, you will need to do more than throw on a pool cover. A test kit can’t help to manage such a wide shift in chemical needs, so let an expert manage water balancing as well as inspecting cartridge filters or salt cells before shutting down for the season. 

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